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The Bill coach team believes that Williams will have the ability to take the team’s ground attack. In the past 3 weeks, he held 24 times, advancement 187 yards and harvested 3 times. At present, in Bill’s big list, there is only Anthony Dixon and Jerome Felton.

NFL is already so reacted in the United States, it is difficult to imagine how much the degree of sharpness can be obtained. If the alliance is intended to continue to develop, they have to open up the market in other countries. The alliance is committed to doing this.

Bill Run Wei Mai Cao Yi may absence the next gameBuffalo Biro Runwah McCoy or will absence the next week’s game against the New York giant. Subject to Karlos – Williams Williams is expected to get a first opportunity.

Mason has a ball in the end of the competition, it has dropped the ball at the end of the game, and he has already rushed out of the first attack. The official playback of the game is the ball of the Cory Harkey, although the video shows the ball into the heap after the video is displayed after the Kuji grabbed the ball.

After Sunday lost the game with the Indiana pony, the 7-winning Brown team is currently ranked in the bottom of the United States of America, and the 12th place in the Federation is 12th, and Brown is lost to 5 records. Or multiple of them half of the team.

If the game is held in Mexico, the location will be Mexico City. In 2005, NFL has held a regular season there, attracting more than 100,000 fans. If the competition is held in Germany, the location option has Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or burger.

Shelman said that it has been robbed to the official response of evidenceThe St. Louis rave is finally defeated on Sunday, but there is a certain dispute. The Haiying team has been in the official playback of the official Tre Mason after the game.

NFL official website also reported that once the Brunt’s playoffs hope to lose, they will not hesitate to put Hoyer in the replacement. At present, it can be expected that the game of Sincona will be able to see Johnny Manzie next week.

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, the McCao legs are injured, and the situation is not optimistic. Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporters also reported this news. At the beginning of this season, McCaki was plagued by leg injury, although he insisted on the first three weeks, but his performance could not completely let the team satisfied.

The possibility of ending the team in the Hoyel season is smallThe Cleveland Brown team should be not much time for Brian Hoyer. ESPN reported that he is expected to leave the Brunt after the end of the season. This report pointed out that he can stay in the Brown team is that the Brown team will enter the playoffs since 2002.

Pete Carroll was very depressed for the official no playback of people in the pile, but the Vice President Brandino said the “all possible angles” playback in New York official. It is worth mentioning that Haji, he also called himself to grabbed the ball, he said he was also grabbed together at the time of Mike Person. He said to ESPN: “We also grabbed the ball at the same time, and I finally got him. But no matter who, as long as the people get a ball, this is the focus.”

Wagner said: “I want to know what I want to think about every time McCoo. There is a defensive to make me memorable. At the time, he found an air and broke through our front line. When he and me one more, He didn’t choose to get rid of or in the body, but directly fell. I think he is afraid to fight with us, this is not the right play. “

Haiying’s Richard Richard-Shelman (Steve Wyche) said that he has won the control of the ball in the bunch of people in Richard Sherman. After the NFL referee, Den Brandino, this is in this twice: players can’t explicitly use the ball into the bunch of people. Official playback requires an obvious video of the ball, but there is no shot at the scene. No one has fully occupied it when the ball gets in the pile.

Sea Eagle Line Guard: McCaki is afraid to fight with usSeattle Hawksman’s players appreciate that in the joy of defeating Philadelphia, Richard Sherman said that the eagle’s external connections did not threaten, and now Wai Babby – Wagner (Bobby) Wagner) also assigned the head of Lenen McCoy.

In the game, McCay 17 times held 50 yards. The eagle offensive group only promoted 139 yards, setting a new single new single in Qip Kelly. In the face of the Hawie-Eagle Defensive Group, the eagle will not find the way out, and finally the audience is suppressed, helplessly swallow the defeat. On the other hand, as a few key players returned to the defensive group, they re-show the defensive performance of the last season. In recent weeks, we have reason to believe that they have the ability to capture the final champion.

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