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This may be the worst a single 400 yard in the Manning career, and the complex and variable-changing defensive tactics of Pyrikik make Manning’s pass two degrees. After the game, Manning said to the team broadcaster Dave-Rogen: “I am really bad tonight! There is no excuse, I will not say that this is accidental. I have to do it in the training and game. It is better. “The latter said,” Never heard him so blame. “

Brown activated running Sanick – check to big list

US time Saturday, Brown activated the professional bowl level to the Nick Chubb from the injury reserved list, and he will participate in this week’s game.

This season is also an ESPN and EA sports for the first time without a voting mechanism to choose a cover person. Gulkovski’s performance on the field and the exposure of the field are the game needs, this may be the reason for choosing his.

Manzel celebrates with $ 600 piggy bank

For Kreveland’s new Siwu Qiang Ni-Manzell, there is no good thing for the Champion of Indiana Patches last Sunday, because he can have a good mood to enjoy him. Birthday Cake.

After the new general manager Mike Mayock, I have always regarded rectification offensive front line as my primary task. He spent a big price to sign Trent Brown, introduced the harvest of the harmonier – Richie Incognito, and now he has retained the first center.

Viking people will punch in the hanker-Enskovo trading to the crow

In the course, Yannick NGAKOUE, in order to leave the Jacksonville American Tiger, a big movement. And after I finally got to join the new team, he now left.

Strong Rodney Hudson and raids for 3 years

Beijing August 31, US Time, according to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, the raid will be 33.75 million US dollars with the center Rodney Hudson This will make him the highest salary center.

Pedton Manning is very dissatisfied with your own performance

Passing 438 yards 2 reached, from the data, it is a good play, but Pedton Manning team defeated the enemy’s patriot in Foxburg 21-43, and he played a lot of money. satisfy.

The birthday of Manzel is December 6th, in order to give him the best piggy cake to the big cake shop to celebrate to Kreveland. His friend also sent the cake photo to the tweet. The cake shop also replied to the official website of Facebook, which is a custom cake of a customer.

Hudson is the second round of the chief 2011, and the past four seasons have been the first center of the raid. After 30 years old this year, he only missed 3 games after 2012. In recent years, it has been one of the most worthwh-to-new center of the alliance. Last season, the score of professional football focused websites shows that Hudson is the best center of the entire alliance.

When two people partners, Campbell and Engacovo have played the best performance & mdash; especially the latter, he is good at pursuing opponents when playing with Campbell. In 2018, the quarter-saving rate of Encuvi reached 12.9%, and the interfering rate was 14.3%. In 2017, his quarter-saving pressure rate reached 14.7%, and the interfering rate reached 16.4%. It also has 12.9% of Campbell in the season. Two people completed 9 times forced to fall.

Perhaps because of defeat with Braddy’s 16th intersection, Manning is so self-blaming. Moreover, this game determines the initiative of the two teams of the two teams. This is never a good news for Manning, which is not good at low temperature combat.

Encuvi has achieved 5 kills in 6 games played for Viking people, but his quarter-saving shift rate is only 8.3%. It is actually a test for a long-term test with the Enskovo, which is worthy of a test, cheap Jerseys which is worthy of a long-term test, which is obvious that Viking is not satisfied with the results of the test.

Crows and Engovi can be said to be the same as the sky. Encuvi can reunion in Cales Campbell, Cales Campbell, Jacques Campbell. In this season, Campbell’s quarter-off pressure ratio is slightly better than Eggco, reaching 9.5%, while quad-bonard interfering rate exceeds 11% (Encoto reached 8.9%). More than 11% of the data in the interference rate means that the player can stably play the ball shock.

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the Nnesota Viking people will trader Encocovi to Baltimore. Viking will receive the third round of draft selection rights in 2021 and 2022 in the 2022.

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