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The chief retains most of their rugged groups in this year’s break. However, the most important member is Houston. If the star rushing hand has missed a lot of competitions, the chief may be affected by the Sakaidian.

The team will have more free color rush to wear the optionAlthough NFL officials did not release rules to allow the team to do not have to be discarded directly to Color Rush dirt, the alliance said to the team with “more free” jersey options. In short, the team can now do not wear a Color wholesale jerseys Rush jersey.

The young Victor-Cruz is also the evaluation of Jerry Reese, General Manager Jerry Reese. In the case of Beckham, there is already a difficult-to-focus, if Xie Pard can close the standard of Cruz, he will have a large number of catching opportunities in the new season.

We believe that Robinson will not become the first running guard, but he can become an attractive addition to the offensive group, which can return the team to his ability to trust him so early. He changed the talent of the competition to get a place in the next season and in the future.

Elays Manning: Hope Xiu Xie Pad like a young version of KruzSince Victor-Cruz is seriously injured in the 2014 season, the New York Giants have been looking for partnership for the outer Odell Beckham Jr.. The giant hopes that Sterling Shepard, who is selected this year, Sterling Shepard, can eventually reach this goal.

In the next three weeks, the remaining two of the teams, STORM JOHNSON, and Jordan Todman, will get the time of the running guard, while Galhat gets A chance to prove that you are worthy of $ 10.5 million in $ 3,500,000 in March.

At present, as long as the color of the jersey and the pants are the same, the color of another team is not too similar, and it will not affect the patients with color blush, and the team can choose the Color Rush jersey that does not wear NIKE. Fans who support this policy should not be a few.

This week, Grams was directly asked to the possibility of retirement, the following is the old answer: “I haven’t considered this now. But after the season, I will consider. I am playing now. I consider the next opponent falcon, and the next opponent & mdash; & mdash; should be a black panther. When the game is over, I will think about retiring this kind of thing. “

Jones said that cowboy will quickly negotiate with Bryant: “I have been in contact with Dez, more than contracts, and I have something to do in the contract. Talking about business will not be too embarrassing, both parties are adapted This occasion. “

Robinson ran in 582 chosen battles and 4 times this season, he averaged 4.3 yards per shock. The injury has drawn a sentence of this inspiring season. The first Michigan University has a 124 yard from 23 codes, helping the American Tiger offset the disappointment of the racing period to introduce Toby Toby-Galhart (Toby Gerhart).

Manning believes not only “young Victor-Cruz” can make excellent performance in the 2016 season, and the real Cruz can also return to the previous state. “Let Victor return to the route running training is very exciting, can have all offensive weapons on the court to make you feel excited about the new season,” Manning said.

The team’s four-dimensional Eli Manning is impressed by him after a small amount of training with Shepard. “He is a flexible, good physical quality,” Manning said. “It is difficult to see anything from the sixth blessing route. But I hope he is a young Victor Cruz.”

Houston may start to start the new season in the missing list, which will make him absent the six games. He missed the last five games in the routine season due to the latter ligament injury in the knee. In the two playoffs he returned, he looked at all.

“We don’t discuss the reason for the contract is & hellip; & hellip; there are some problems in the contract,” Jones said on Saturday, “he and the team need to negotiate contracts, and make a final decision. But if you ask me here I don’t want to leave him, the answer is of course affirmation. “

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Houston recovered well and no longer turned. Optimistic recovery time can make Houston return in mid-August. He may spend the entire training camp because of injury.

Kansas City Chief Trainer Rick Buckhold (Rick Buckholder) said that Houston received surgery in February to repair the knee. The knee of this line guard did not tear, but it could not work properly. Bark House also said Houston takes 6 to 12 months of recovery time.

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