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Xiong team rushing to Karier Mike: There must be a sense of urgency of winning

On August 1st, no one would seek Khalil Mack as an old man, but the Chicago Xiong Chong talents let him listen to the time of being wasted by the urgency of winning the winner. elder.

[Preface to the event] The fifth week of Sunday Echizes @ 德州 人

Sunday, the only unreal defeated, the only unsatisfied Kansas, the only unrequestied Kansas, will come to Texas to challenge the Houston Texas, which is “zoomed”, as a team that exploded this season, whether the chief will become a passenger The biggest look at this game.

In the third section of the competition, the package was promoted to the pony 10 yard line position, and some offensive line players in front of the packaging workers were moved, which caused their foul.

“I don’t know this. I am very surprised. My public relations company people call me; friend, family contact me to tell me this thing. I don’t know anything. I am very excited. I really feel like this,” McCaki said that when the best lineup was selected for ten years. “Sometimes we are very strict as a player, so seeing the outside world feels good for us as a player.”

Mike is now only 28 years old, just entering the 6th season of his career. He is entirely likely to fight for 10 years in the alliance. However, this bluntly said that he understands that when he is effective when the Auckland raid is effective. If there is no pressing career, it will end in the case where it is incomplete.

Talent plus the desire to win the ball to make great players. Can Mac can make the bear team a great depends on whether his teammates can have such a sense of urgency as he started after the start of the season.

The number after the expansion of the jersey allows running guards, near-end, all-卫, semi-guards and external hands wear jerseys from 1-49 and 80-89; defensive guards can choose 1-49; line guards can choose 1-59 And 90-99; offensive front line can choose from 50-79; and defensive guards can be selected from 50-79 and 90-99. The four-point guard, the player and abandoning the kick will still choose from 1 to 9.

After being cut off by Buffalo Bill last year, McCoo joined the chief. Although the chief is very in line with his request, McCoo does not make a lot of contribution during the chief of the semi-bowl. In the three playoffs, McCooji just got a 1st placement time. In the regular season, he played 13 games, with a total of 129 times, and promoted 646 yards.

Mike is still very far from the career, but this does not mean that his urgency is pretended. The bear team advanced from the season last season, and Mike worried that he would be considered to be a prostitute for team effectiveness in an important moment.

Squirrel in the Green Bay packaging work reachaes

US time Sunday Green Bay packaging home, in the competition of Indianapolis, the packaging workfield game is very difficult, but there is a small squirrel on the spot.

However, after hearing the exaggerated report, Bryant is obviously not sunny for the mood of contract issues in London. “I know what I should accept and unacceptable. Do you know, this is not a problem with money, I just think they should be more respectful to me. I really love Idalas, let us wait and see, This is a question about respect, I am a loyal person, but please don’t try my loyalty.

The proposal submitted by the Kansas City chief hopes to adjust the player to choose the glitch number. Specifically, proposal recommends adding a player with qualified wearing a bit number jersey. These players have previously been allowed to have four-point guards, kicking hands and abandonment.

The Kansas chief won the Washington red skin at 29-20 last week, which became the only unbeaten team. The team’s four-point guards Alex-Smith got a pass to the ball reachable and a running ball reached, and his 124.2 passed the ball score currently pushed the first place. The biggest surprise this season is a rookie run Wei Kurim-Hunter, he will get a 121-yard mix code last week, including 101 code scorpion code, he also became the fourth place in the history of the league (before 3 are Billy-Xitas, La Dianan-Tom Linsen and Adrian Peterson, can get a new show player at least 100 yards in 4 games in front of its career. Can it face the Dezhou people, Hunter and axiaters continue their performances? We will wait and see.

According to the famous NFL Media Reporter Ian RapoPort, Dallas Cowbu is mainly in Branet’s concern to his behavior outside his stadium. This concern directly affects if the team is willing to provide more Guarantee the salary.

The 31-year-old McCay career scorpion code has reached 11071 yards. He also completed a thousand code season in Bill in 3 seasons, but in the past two seasons, he has set a new career in the past two seasons. His career is about to come to the next year. But McCaki believes that he can continue to fight for 2 seasons.

Houston Texas is 57-14 blood in Tennesi Toyan last week. The team’s rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson played an explosion, passed the 283 yards 4 times to reach the ball and got up again through the running ball, and he also had a four-point guardian Fran-Tower. Kenon became a new show player who got at least 250 yards 4 times to reach the wholesale nfl jerseys history. And Watson is also the only one in the history of NFL to pass 7 passes in the first four games in his career and 2 rookies. This game Texas got 57 points, but also since the 2012 season Racer – Wilson (58 points), the rookie four-point guard lead the team to get the most score. Can Watters continue their magical performance?Green-Bay-Packers-12-Aaron-Rodgers-Yellow-Super-Bowl-XLV-2011-Jersey

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