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“We feel sad for Des,” Brown coach-Jackson said in the team statement. “This is a young man who is very hard to train in the 2016 season this year. He really understands our coaching, our team is more important than personal concepts and is willing to be a team leader.”

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Hawk would be willing to leave 海 海, although there is a rumor at the time, it may be traded to falcon. In the end, there is no trading, but the Falcon Dan Quinn is very well understood when they work together in the Hawks, and the Falcon is still one of the possible candidates in the free player market.

Lake said: “You should think of it. He is professional, he knows what to do for the team. He really knows. We have explored several times. Jacob is not needed, he is clear What to do. I am his coach, it is his friend, understands his current situation. & Hellip; & hellip; we need him to continue to keep yourself this year, so that the team’s goal can be played, or may Will only play a few gears, but he will be an important part of success. “

This career entered the fourth year of Line Guard said he has talked with the coach PTE Carroll and General Manager John Schneider. Schneider asked him if he would like to make a little small Small sacrifice. Eros said he can accept $ 300 to $ 5 million, although it may be “best close to $ 3 million”.

Viking people coach Qi Mo: This is the worst defense group I have coachedMike Zimmer knows what excellent defensive group looks like. He has coached the defense for 27 years. The Minnesota Vijing, which he coached, was originally relying on the defensive group to play the world.

Seattle Sea Eagle Wei Ehevin is willing to pay the salary

When the Seattle Hawks refused to perform the fifth annihilation of Bruce Irvin last year, the ball shocks looked must have to transfer his team next season.

However, both sides now have changed. After the game 24-31 lost to the Carolina Black Leopard, Erman said that he would like to stay in the sea.

The team bishinal Luo Rivra said to this: “His player’s ability is good, completed the kicking he can complete, he deserves this contract. In the case of last Zhougeraham, We need to give yourself a guarantee, and Aguao is a suitable guarantee. “

Last season, Blanet ranked 6 times, the whole team, in the past three seasons in the past three seasons, he gave the team to play 41 games and all started. He played in Harvard University in 2009 in 2009, joining the Auckland raid in 2009.

Say Singer Jay Z recently visited the pirate training ground, gave him a pirate jersey on the site, and Jay Z gave each other a warning, he said: “I know, I am coming to replace you. “Of course, this is just a joke.

Aguao is very bad in the thief’s rookie, 31 playing only completed 22 times, and the attached points were missing 2 times. At that time, the pirate in order to select his trading a third and one fourth-round draft sign.

The game that is responsible to the saints is the best proof. In this game, the Saint has achieved 7 times, including running to Alvin Kamara, a 6-way squad of the Pacific Wholesale Nfl Jerseys record. The Saint Offensions Group promoted the 583 yards and got 26 first attacks. The Viking Fighting Group did cause 2 mistakes to take back the ball, but did not get the murder, nor did it get the number of losses. The saints never discarded.

This failure allows Viking people since the first time since 2014, and it also allows the outside world to completely put the biggest problem in the defending group. Viking almost the entire season lacked the professional bowl player Daniele – Danielle Hunter and Anthony Barr, and lacked the core line Wei Rick KFC in December Eric Kendricks.

Viking has lost the game. Their offensive group has tried his best to help the team in the first three sections. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Viking is only behind 27-31. But the Saint Offense Group has achieved 3 shocks to the end competition in Section 4. They got 264 yards in the full shock.

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