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As the partner of Beiler, another safety Wei Homas also regretted teammates: “He cried after the game, this really touched me. This game is extraordinary for him. Everyone hates to lift, which is really sad. I think I will always stand around him, he will continue to work hard. “

Myers’ poor performance should be traced back to the preseason. At that time, he was attempted to lose 3 times in 7 times and the team used to invite free players in the middle of August to come to trial. JAN CARPENTER. But in the end, they still left Miles.

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The 26-year-old Lambo has been lighting for lightning over the past two seasons. The 64th clicks have completed 52 times, and 78 sets of additional points attempts were completed 70 times. In this year, he failed to defeat the kick hand in the competition (YOUNGHOE KOO) was thus cut off by lightning. Lambo’s shot success rate (81.2%) in the past two seasons (81.2%) is slightly lower than Miles’ shot success rate (82.8%) in 2015 and 2016, but the Jabu hopes that this change will allow them to remain in this season. There is a more stable performance in playing in the game.

This Zhou Hawk will take away Green Bay packaging work, and the Best of the Alliance Aaron Rodgers will examine the Eagle 2nd line again. In both parties last season, Rogers pay attention to avoiding the ball to Richard Sherman defensive, which may mean that Beiler will encounter greater challenges this week.

In the 2017 season, the Pony Farcé Member Henry Anderson has also encountered throat. According to the US National Health Research Institute, 80-90% sore throat, bone cracked, misplaced or separated from high-speed closed injury. The most common cause includes a car accident and sports injury.

Miles has 2 arbitrary spheres in the game 17-27 lost to the Los Angeles ram. This game is not his first time. Since the beginning of the season, Miles shot 4 times in 15 anygs, and he also lost 2 sets of additional shot. He has four shots in five games in five games, and 2 single game failures have failed. Miles will not exceed 47 yards from the free kick injected in this season.

The defensive cutar Markham Brown (Marcus Cannon) was unable to play due to ankle injury. The remaining people remain in the injury report, although there is hurt, but still have to play the type of game, so don’t worry.

Lion Strike Frank-Lagno BoardDuring Sunday, During the game, the lions found four-point guards, Frank Ragnow, Frank Ragnow, Matthew Stafford, and Chase Daniel, telling them, After the sharp line of the sharp line, I want to shout themselves.

“I think that we miss the same thing is sports. I think many people are not realized in front of the sports competition. But I think that NFL will be ready to hold season, I think we all look forward to the new season. I know I am looking forward to. We have done a lot of work in Miami, we have no problems, I hope there will be fans in the stadium. “

Earr-Thomas: Teammates cry touched me Seattle Hawks are responsible for the St. Louis ram in the first week. For this failure, replacing Kam Chancellor’s safety Switch-Bailey seems to be more painful than anyone. It is his defensive mistake in the last moment, so that the ram has completed the transfer of the score.

“I think this year will definitely have a football season,” Rose said in an interview. “The real problem is: Is there a fan in the stadium? I feel that now, today, we plan to make the fans admitted. But the NFL is planning and very flexible, so we can start the new season on time, really give everyone everyone. Entertainment activities that truly need. “

All teams are slowly reope with the team base in accordance with the provisions of the state and the local government. With New Jersey announced that professional sports teams can return to training, New York jet and New York giants become the latest team that can re-open the team base.

In addition to the course training, NFL continues to operate in accordance with normal schedules in addition to the team base. When the feasibility of the 2020 season, even if the Alliance has not made any decisions on this matter, it seems that the team boss has gradually realized that the new season is likely to be held in the case where the fans cannot be admitted.

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