Kalo Nero Apts


Not long ago, two people envisioned making the beauties of the Cretan land available to anybody that would want to shower with the Mediterranean sun, rejuvenate in the cobalt waters of the Libyan Sea, and taste Greek hospitality the most affordable way. Without a doubt, Kalo Nero Apartments managed to deliver on that promise. Providing tasteful, elegant, well-maintained, spotlessly clean properties that lack no modern comforts, the overall experience gives a warm and cosy feel; the kind you need when away from home!

A uniquely inviting place

in the heart of Crete.

In the welcoming arms of eastern Crete, between legendary canyons, caves that were once believed to shelter fairies, pixies, and mythical beasts, archaeological sites that stand proud reminders of a glorious history, and of course an idyllic setting, lies Kalo Nero Apartments. Offering superb views of the endless blue sky and the crystal clear sea which, at some point in the horizon become one, guests are introduced to unique sights that can please even the most demanding visitors.

Just below Kalo Nero Aps there is a very beautiful small beach, Staoussa, which is very famous for its crystal clear waters and caves. The access to the beach is very easy. There is a big parking area just above the beach where you can park your vehicle and then you just go down a few steps.



The property owners have meticulously taken care of the last detail to ensure their guests enjoy a wonderful adventure while living and exploring the wonders of the island and surrounding areas. The polished design, well thought-through furnishings, and stone-adorned walls, distinct feature of the traditional Cretan architecture, make Kalo Nero Apartments blend seamlessly with the environment, without breaking the harmony with which Mother Nature has generously soaked the land.



With spacious, comfy, fully equipped apartments, decorated with carefully selected and often handcrafted items, furniture made from regional wood like oak or olive tree by the hands of local carpenters with super love, aesthetics and quality, and a plethora of amenities waiting for you, you have every reason to rejoice. Savour your welcome appetisers, coffee, juices and traditional Cretan raki while gazing the sea and leave the kids to play joyfully or rest in their roomy quarters!


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