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Famous Hall 4 points Guiim – Kelly oral cancer surgery success

The doctor announced Jim Kelly Surgery.

This Buffalo Boel is hit, and the celebrity four-defense has received 12 hours of surgery at the time of 12 hours of surgery on Wednesday to treat oral cancer and reconstruct the upper jaw.

“We succeeded from Mr. Kelly to the upper and neck lymph nodes in addition to cancer cells,” said the doctor for surgery for Kelly. “We subsequently rebuild his upper jaw. Mr. Kelly is in a smooth rest after surgery.”

Kelly’s wife said that Kelly needs to recover for a long time. He expects to be hospitalized for wholesale nfl jerseys several weeks.

After 2016, the cancer was recovered, Kelly announced the recurrence of oral cancer this month. Kelly has been diagnosed with oral upper cucumber in 2013 and has undergone surgery shortly. After the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer cells spread to the nose, nfl jerseys he continued to treat and accepted the operation in 2014.

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