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After the end of the game, Bakley said that this injury would not let him absent the whole season. “I will say that I really hurt? Will n’t,” Baxley said. “Maybe it be worse? Yes. I have no reimbursement season. I will work hard to make me a return of me to return as soon as possible. Not only for myself, I’m also for the team.”

October United States best defensive players: Denver wild horse line guards Feng-Miller (Miller): Take 7 times in October and smashed the entire league, and also took a 14 time to shoot 1 time The wild horse wins in October 4. In the four games in October, there were three contributions per game and had a 2 consecutive game, which was the longest record of his career and the longest record of NFL. Miller acquired 10 times in 14 hugs in October to cause the number of opponents.

October, the best players of the United States of America announcedIn the new England Patriots, Tom Brady is about to usher in and the 16th time of Denver Man, and let him chase Manning from 1986. The year awards have been established in the United States, the best offensive players, the most suitable number of winners.

In the case of only the second grade of the second-year quartz, Trevor Siemian, Sanchez brought experience to the wild horse, he had 72 regular finals and 6 games. He is not the first quarter-off answer, but he also has a flash performance during the Philadelphia eagle.

October United States Best Secret Service Group Players: Miami Dolphus External Take / Ball Back to Attacks Jarvis Landry: Landri’s 5 times in October to attack every time Promoting the 35.6 yorkn column of League second, including 1 54 yards to attack, which helped dolphins to win 2 wins in October. The outer junction took the 31.3 yard rankings in this season, and the first 31.3 yard ranking alliance is first, according to this rhythm, he will create a history record.

Despite the coach Chak Pagano and Griffson spent a unhappy 2015 season. Iris said that Pagano won the renewal of Griffson. At about a month ago, Pagano continued for four years. If the Iris said, the two “bundle” from the contract “.

Since the next season begins, the regular season will become 17 games, and the super bowl is also delayed. The 2024 superblaren hold time (2.13) will conflict with the new Orleans local Carnival (MARDI GRAS). There will be no such problem in 2025, the carnival time of that year is 3.4.

October KK Best Technical Group Players: New Orleans Saints SHAYNE Graham: Glaham hits all 9 anygball shot and 9 additional shooting doors in the October. He played 3 times in the three games in the team (Saint in the sixth week), he kicked 3 times in the game. He is the only one in October to play at least 3 for the team. The kick hand of the second shot. Glaham won at least 10 points per game in Saint October, including 14 points in the season of season in the eighth week.

October Kingdom Best Defensive Players: Minnesota Weijing Guardian Everson Griffeen: Griffen gets the most 6 kids in the country in October and also get 20 times. Emerge to drop the ball. He got at least once in all four games in this month, of which 3 kills in the position of the position of the position in the seventh week of the Faro Boren.

The eagle signed the first round of the new show, the hands of Jay, Ryger The old eagle has finalized the contract with the first round of Jalen Reagor this year before the start of the training camp.

October Best defensive new show: Baltimore CJ Mosley (CJ Mosley): Mosley won 42 times in October, which ranked third in all cheap nfl jerseys From china players, and also obtained 2 copies cut. In the four games in 4 games, he was the number of players in the team, including the highest 15 times of his life at the end of the Indianapolis on the fifth week, in the eighth week of the 8th week. I got 13 hugs when I was tiger.

Remember, this does not stop the wild horse to continue chasing Capekik. It is reported that the wild horse is still working hard to complete the transaction before all dust. And if Karenik is not an answer, you can expect wild horses to turn like Ryan Fitzpatrick and even Brian Hoyer, such as Bryan Fitzpatrick. If you play outstanding, Sanchez may have a lot of appearance time in the next season, but we are still puzzling wilder trading to Sanchez just in the trading of Karenik.

On the other side of the country, Dallas denim Run Marco Murray won the best offensive player award for the second consecutive month since this season. Murray leads the entire alliance in 520 yards in October. He currently 1054 yards of the scorpion code is the best in the league. At the same time, he also takes 7 seats to reach the first place. The denim runs rushed out of 100 yards per game in all four October competitions, and the average scorpion 130 yards. Murray rushed out of 100 yards in all 8 games this season, which is the longest record in the NFL history. Murray also had 171 yards in October, and his total proposal number of 691 yards was the highest in October.

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