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The ranking is Brown five round show line Wei Mike Wilson. After Christian Kirksey Bone muscles, Wilson took him on the top 14 games, and completed 82 times, 1 time killing, 7 times destroyed passed, 1 time Force the ball. This may also indirectly cause Brown to cut off Cix West this week. Wilson won a $ 415,296 bonus.

According to the list announced by the NFL NetWork report, the Chu Cower, the Chi-Carterius Ward, was achieved by the excellent performance of $ 428333 incentive bonus. Ward is Tennessee Central State University’s decoration show. It completed 74 hugs last season, 10 times destroyed, 2 times, once forced the ball.

Lightning defensive end Edge Qi – Boss’s left foot injury leaving trainingBeijing August 8th news like Los Angeles Lightning will hopes that they will not have injuries in the training camp, but they still have not get rid of such bad luck.

The original tiger’s outer tiger T. J. Hu Shiminzadeh also provides him with experience when training Rose. Rose recalled: “He told me that I became a 9th show because I have talent and willing to work hard. Continue this kind of step, I can get better.”

Ross said: “This is one of the most important things. I have been considering what I should do before, I hinder me! Now I will tell yourself: & lsquo; relax, do yourself. Prove yourself, you Being better, don’t think too much. & Rsquo; “

Tiger outer end John – Ross looks next to the seasonIt is strange that John Ross, John Ross, may be a 40-yard sprint record last year. As a 9th show in 2017, he only played three regular sessions, did not complete the ball, and finally entered the injury reserves due to shoulder injury.

There are three six opponents in the package. There are three entrances with some forms of reading options. Last week, Miami dolphins were woolen – Ryan Tannehill was confused in Matthew to successfully completing 40 yards.

Ian NFL famous media people – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed lion for renewal of the Soviet Union are still relatively confident, but still let the Soviet Union to enter the free agent market in order to dig out the market situation, the league has more support ball Soviet team demonstrated a strong interest.

In 2018, the sixth round of the draft was severely injured in the past two seasons before his career. Before the rookie season, he was placed in the injury reserve list because of the arm fracture. In the last season, he only played 6 games, and he won 6 times and destroyed the ball, followed by the knee injury again.

In the next game, the packaging workers will face the main scene to the Carolina Black Leopard, Cam Newton, 17-year-old, 17-year-old, 1 time, 1 time (more don’t say pass 284 yards 2 times Detailed). Curbing Newton will become a key for packaging, and this weight will fall on Massatt. Newton’s performance in the quartz guard net this season is better than ever, and his pass accuracy has greatly improved. He is still very effective last week. He is one of the most dangerous players of NFL.

Su is currently the biggest obstacle left in the Motor City team is the lack of cap space. Johnson next season will account for $ 20.6 million in cap space, quarterback Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) next season will occupy $ 17.7 million of cap space (17 in 2016 and will account for $ 22 million, respectively), this next season will be just the two account for nearly 40 million of cap space, so that the lion is difficult to provide an average annual salary of the Soviet Union again in more than $ 20 million big contract, so “Megatron” will not agree to a pay cut and the key question becomes how much of a pay cut rate will reach lies.

“Of course, it is a confident young man & mdash; & mdash; sometimes too confident,” said Hewit. “But he is definitely not confident in any way. He has always been such a person. He came to the team and ready to appear. When he came to the court, he brought the vitality to other defensive group players. He is such a person. I love him to play the way. “

Another reason is that the opponent has been able to take advantage of his too radical defensive achievements in the reading option attack. “I know (people) is looking for people who can blame,” Matthew said the media. “That is the way the regional reading offensive work is to let the defensive player shock in one direction or another direction, then confuse those players.” He said. “This is not & lsquo; to blame a player & rsquo; it is, this is a responsibility to do good defense. This is hard to explain.”

Calvin – Johnson: willing to do everything to retain the Soviet UnionThis year is the Detroit Lions defensive end Enda Ma hole – Su (Ndamakong Suh) contract, after the end of the season he will become a free agent, as the league’s top defensive player, the fate of the Soviet Union has attracted people’s attention. In Saturday’s Nfl Jerseys awards ceremony outside the top Lions took Calvin – Johnson (Calvin Johnson) in the interview, also expressed a wish to be able to leave the Soviet Union team, he said: “As long as the Soviet Union can leave the team want me I am willing to do anything. “

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