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The eagle coach Kelly, the rules and the league dispute

Philadelphion Eagle wanted to visit the Baltimore Grace of the Visiting Balli in the second round of the quarter, and the Eagle of the Eagle of the Eagle of the Eagle, the Sam Bradford, the Sam Bradford. When the offensive was defeated by the crow line, Terrell Suggs, followed by the referee to determine the fouls of Sags and penalized the number.

After the game, Sagas referred to this, claiming that he is legal collision, then the nfl jerseys from china referee department vice chairman Dean Bradino approved the misjudgment of this sentence, and wholesale jerseys the collision of Sags is legal. Because the provisions of nfl jerseys from china introduced in 2012, the defensive treatment that the quarter-saving to perform reading options will be the same as the running guard, that is, all the quarter-saving protection policies, unless the quadruple can indicate that it is ready to pass. Ball or obvious display has no longer have a ball, it will be re-treated as a quarter-saving.

However, the eagle coach, CHIP Kelly, against Brando’s statement, and he believes that there is no error in the value of the value of the value, because this is not a reading option attack. He responded in an interview: “This is not a regional reading attack. It is just the simplest quadrant to give the ball to running guards. It is not every time you put a gun array, representing we have to play the area to read offense. Last year Let’s also say that our team implements the number of people to read and there is so much difference. At that time, our offensive front line was blocking the back player, Bradford did not read, directly gave the ball to the running guard. So I think that the penalty given by the Value is no problem. “

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