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Williams’ contract has two years left, the 2019 season is 11 million US dollars, and the 2020 season is $ 12.5 million. But his current average annual salary ($ 13.2 million) can only rank 7 in the left side.

According to the regulations, Peterson has done what is still confidential. However, the players who have been selected for professional bowls have given up the appeal, and the banned decision will be officially officially official www.city.gr blog next week.

Chairman of Hongki: Know the left disappearance of Williams absence the reason, but will not speak

Beijing June 9th, the red skin of the selection of career bowls, Trent Williams did not participate in the previous mini training camp.

Peterson’s current contract has been contracts, cheap jerseys from china this year, his basic salary reached 11 million US dollars, and his salary was $ 12.05 million next year. This 6-game ban will make him lose more than $ 3.88 million.

Babii said: “& hellip; & hellip; this child will do our best to make the team more complete. Williams last season is very good, his front teammate Darer-Williams is still in In the team. We also have Darwin Thompson and the teenage de Andre-Washington, these people can help him learn. We must ensure that he is correct, let him can need it. Ready to go. “

Cook said: “When you are still in other teams, this offensive group seems to be very special, but people don’t know the Central of the country. After coming to this team, I suddenly realized. The atmosphere here makes you more I am eager to learn and become a better player. “

Peterson will be mistaken with the red scitch to the Detroit Lion, Baltimore Crow, Carolina Black Leopard, Seattle Hawks, Cincinnati Tiger and Atlanta Falcon. He will be able to return in the game against New York giants.

The racing season, the ram has also made some big adjustments. They will be swept away from Sammy Watkins and have also obtained Brandin Cooks by trading. Although Cook is not long, he has seen the special potential of this team.

Entry Robert Woods: “The question is, we can also improve what kinds of aspects to better meet the upcoming season. We have already tangible points. The team has been armed, but it also needs some fine-tuning “

Piteson, who has been selected for the best lineup, was previously reported to the team’s voluntary nature mini training camp. After that, there was a trading rumor, but the current Peterson arrived until the NFL trading was short-term recently resumed the appearance.

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