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Patriot cuts the old side of the end

Benjamin Watson has not officially started in the career of the patriot, and has already declared the end.

US Time Monday, venta de camisetas de fútbol the Patriot did not activate this old end to the big list of the Thursday Night. Soon, the team officially announced the cutting of Watson.

Watson returns from retirement this year, joining the patriot, venta de camisetas de fútbol but four games that violate alliance drug abuse policies. According to reports, Watson currently wants to continue playing.

After Nothing Watson, the patriot will continue to find nearly near Rob Gronkowski. Since the five conventional finals, Ryan Izzo (RYAN IZZO) (178 Air Attack, venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas 52.2%), venta de camisetas de fútbol Matt Lacosse (119 Archive, 34.9%) The two people are the main close-end of New England . Although Jakob Johnson is listed as close-end, James Develin is unable to play, it is generally used as a whole. These three people add up to 8 touch opportunities in five games.

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