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The most valuable work experience of moch is to win under the hand of Mike Tannenbaum, which is responsible for the team operation, the latter helped the dolphins quickly to reverse the fate. With his help, dolphins selected a key member of today’s team in recent years. Monmern once in 2001 to 2008 and Brahn in the panther.

While hoping that the most valuable player von miller in the super bowl, General Manager John Elway has to find a way to keep the team complete, his free player list Including Runnie Hillman, defensive end Malik Jackson, Danny Trevathan and restricted free players, line Naval Brandon – Marshal (Brandon Marshall).

Thomas talked about the decision to decide: “I have spent 6 years here. I am a player who is still playing after three times before crossing the crossed ligament. But now my knee does not allow me. Continue to chase dreams, then I think I am a new chapter that I will open to life. “Here, we wish you all the best after Thomas!

Mario Tag determined that it would not play the next game

Tennessee Titan, Ken Whisenhun, announced on Friday, the main four-point Swan Marcus Mario Taga will absent the scene of the scene of Atlanta, Zach, Magott, Zach Mettenberger will play startup.

Monmerced Wedda before the Miami dolphins, where he served as a player’s personnel in 2014 to 2017, before he was the university ball exploration of dolphins. Moving is one of the national scouts of the team in the first five years of dolphin. His first job in cheap nfl jerseys From china was served for Carolina Black Panther. At that time, he was in the team’s ticket office in 2000 and served as a scouting in 2001 and then served as a southeast region and southwest.

Before the season in the season, Perton Manning, which was derived as a substitute, became the first, and Osville played a respectable performance, and the team got 5 wins and 2-dimensional battle results while maintaining the first. He finally ended the season on the bench, but in the case of Manning may retire, if Osville did not turn to his team, he may become the answer to the team in the four-guard position.

The knee injury is overwhelmed before the giant angle Weimas helpless retirement

The front New York Giants mainly angular Weitrel Thomas announced retirement, and he was 30 years old. He has suffered a knee in front of the ACL Torn. Thomas crossed the knees in front of the University of South California, but he had obtained 5 copy of the giant in the 09th and 10 days after he recovered. However, when the 11-season season came, unfortunately face the same injuries. Thomas has finally reset after a year of hard work, but in the training camp in the 12 season, he has encountered the same injury.

It is unlikely to have other teams to provide a big contract to Osville. He also did not have enough experience to suit a big contract, but he may choose a free player market. But now he is more willing to stay in the wild horses that are also intentional.

According to reports, Brooks injured in the eagle training facility. Although the players are still banned from entering the facility, they have previously been able to perform a rehabilitation course. The Brooks stop season shoulder injury, which is in line with this provision.

Like him, this is Brooks second tear bullion tendon. He has previously torn the right heel in the next season, but in 2019, he did not lose, and the professional bowl was selected for the third consecutive year.

After Brooks, I wrote on the twitter: “I guess the news is already spread. Yes, I tear another legs. However, the saying goes well, live giving you lemon, use it to make lemon Water. I will come back, it will become stronger. Thank you for your concern. “

After 2 consecutive seventh consecutive season, Thomas returned again in the 13 season, as a giant main slot, he won the best defensive players in the country of Zhou Zhou in the 8th week. But after his contract expired, the giant did not renew the history of his serious knees, and he also went to the Black Leopard, Hua Eagle and other teams, but eventually failed to leave.

There is also a four-point BROCK OSWEILER. If you leave, he has the opportunity to become a four-point guard in the future of wild horses. After tasting the taste of the first, this young quarter-dimensional Week said that he would like to stay in the wild horse.

Mario Tower was hot at the beginning of the season, got 158.3 points in the first week, but this week, due to the defensive group adapted to his pass tendency, he fell badly. He only received a quarter-branch of 67.6 in the game.

Magotanberg is a capacity of four points. He has a strong arm, but it is poor due to the slow-minded ball last season because of the slowness of the opponent and the outer hand has not yet got rid of the defense.

Magotanberg acquired 59.8% of the passing success rate in the rookie season, and the game was passed on the 201.7 yard. He got a total of 8 pass to reach, 7 passed the four-point guards for 83.4. Titan last season lost all the 6 games in his first.

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