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At present, the 4th Saint Sagad 4 wins and 6 negatives with the Atlantian Falin Eagle, and if it is unable to get the National Linan District champion will certainly have no future playoff. After losing the 49 people last week, he defeated many problems, and this week, he got 10 points in the home of the squad.

Obviously, Randri hopes that he can follow the will of James James, which is a very high goal. LeBron can be said to be the best player in NBA, and bring the first championship for Cleveland. Of course, any players who go forward as LeBron are worthy of respect. Brown has accumulated a very talented player in the near future. If Landri can lead this team, he will win the respect of the Cleveland people.

Mahmus said to ESPN reporters: “The first time the cover is unique, can board the cover & mdash; & mdash; or Tom Breddy, the top of the historical, the player. & mdash; it is even more unique. I am also very honored to go back to the cover so quickly after the first time I boarded the cover. “

Easy side battles, Sanders again meritorious: Manning firmly placed ball close to the bottom line touchdown, 7: 0. Lightning back after the ball has not been harvested, Rivers was the Broncos bit outside (Von Miller) can only choose to punt after the sack, but the excellent performance of the group lightning defense forced the Broncos’ three strikes. ” Lightning began to attack Cheap Jerseys From china the side 16 yards line, Rivers continuously through the “No to Poly offensive” and “shotgun” formation forward, relying on three key third gear conversion came Broncos 2-yard line, and finally a short ball passed to wide receiver (Keenan Allen) easy to complete touchdowns, 7: 7. Broncos return man Andre – Caldwell (Andre Caldwell) appeared off the ball, but fortunately, before referee Andre elbow off the ball has landed, the Broncos escaped after watching the replay. Manning completed a set of efficient back court attack, at halftime 40 seconds duration transmitted from the end zone, the ball firmly Sanders horse rushed into her arms, halftime, Mustang to 14: 7-leading lightning.

Wilson denied that there is a small group in the Hawk

Recently, due to the influence of Percy Harvin trading incident, all kinds of rumors of the Haiying team were very rushing, and there was news that Harvin was traded, and the team broke due to different views of the transaction. Two factions. In order to calibrate the speech, the core quarter of the team’s core quarter-free Wilson said that he was very happy to be in the sea eagle, no team is better than the Hawks.

The chief is expected to arrange De Anthony Thomas to be responsible for the ball. Hilldo participated in the ball attack to a little more benefit, after all, they just walked with Jeremy Maclin, need to find new strength external. Last season completed 61 battles, Hill, which got 593 yards, was very hoped to be this role.

Since Randri came to Northeast Ohio, Landri’s mentality had a significant change. He expressed his eyes in the “Tough Training Camp” program. He used “blessings” in the training ground to motivate teammates, and the unusually positive locker room will be encouraged. Randley has made up his mind and won the respect of all the Cleveland people in the offset period, and hopes to be another great player who can touch Cleveland citizens.

The game, played steady Manning completed a total of 35 passes 25 times, in addition to key Broncos defensive group to limit lightning ground offensive is to win. The next week, the Broncos went to the New England Patriots in Foxborough challenge, but lightning will go against the Miami Dolphins.

[Everyday NFL] Landri: Take the talent from Miami to Cleveland

Javis Randri, in 2014, was selected by the Miami Sea Dolphin team in the second round. In these 4 years of career, Randri has been the core of the dolphine team, and more than 400 balls have been carried out in 4 seasons, breaking the NFL record. However, the dolphine team is not optimistic about his long-term development, only gives him a privileged label, not a long to him.

Lightning bright spots this season, seven weeks just behind the Broncos cruised half wins, the main quarterback Philip – Rivers (Philip Rivers) eye-catching performance, but last week’s tragic lore Chiefs kick, ending five with wins. Last week’s win over the Broncos 49 Peyton – Total Manning (Peyton Manning) career passing touchdowns to 510 times, surpassing Brett – the first Favre (Brett Favre) rose league, team momentum high and strive to four straight .

Shortly after label, Landri was traded to Cleveland Brown. The Dolphin team is not ideal in the previous season, in the middle and downstream of the league, the victory scene ranked 25th. They are stronger than the Brown team, and the latter only won 11 games in 48 games in the past 3 seasons.

In addition, Landri also discussed this in Gas, such as letting him get more leader privileges, such as routine practice. “I am trying to figure out what can help the team win, but let him be better to trust me. Gas hopes that I can believe him, but he doesn’t trust me.”

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