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Jaster Ding-Tak: and 49 people will be a war

How to help teammates forget the fiasco of 52 points last week? Auckland raids defended the core Justin Tuck to give an answer: focus on the next game. This week, the opponent’s opponent will be 49 people in San Francisco.

Tak said: “I think it is a good way to go to prepare for this week’s game. The best way to prepare for this week. It will be a bloody battle with 49 people. We are very Near, this is a battle of a hostile. “Tak took the Giants in New York for nearly 10 years, this experience church how he overcomes adversity. Despite the bad record, he still hopes that the team can actively face every game.

After experiencing the 50-year team’s most painful failure, the raid people really need to find ways to vain. The opponent’s 49 people have been trying to try this week. If they have retired, wholesale jerseys free shipping if they want to rank among the playoffs, they must try their best. They naturally don’t want to turn over the weak brigade. So if the raid people continue to be sluggish, waiting cheap jerseys for sale wholesale nfl jerseys for sale them may be another slaughter.

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