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Emirates Defensive Players: It will be difficult to kill the pirate quartz Wei Tha-Braddy

No one will think that the 43-year-old Tom Brady is a four-point guard that is good at run. When he was driven out of the four-point guard protection net, he was difficult to deal with the defensive player.

But while opponents know each Houbuleidi will kick-off where he is still one of the most difficult to kill captured quarterback.

This season, Braddy was only killed twice, and buy jerseys online us the four-point guard in at least 300 times is the eighth. This figure is less than the Kansas City chief quadruptions of Patrick Mahomes.

Chief Defense players know that Braddy will not run away them, but he also has its own avoidance. Braddy is good at making the opponent to eat the players to eat a small action like shake shoulders.

“Have you seen Tom-Braddy’s movement of the shoulders in the four-dimensional protection net? You have to find a video to see,” Achieve the Emirates Defense Dragon Frank Clark “said. “His shoulders are someticuous. I don’t know how to say. Tom Bradi is a few years old, 43? I have no opinions about the age of 43.”

“You can move your shoulders like that, after the league, he can move his shoulders like this, which is too amazing. I and (defensive cut off) Chris Jones, I have been discussing this action. I think Chris has missed him for 1 time because (Brady) shakes the shoulder in some way. Chris is completely empty. “

Breddy didn’t have to run, and the way to avoid the killing made him to continue to attack, and other quadruptions generally have been knocked down.

Clark even brought Breddy’s ability to avoid the ability and the alliance avoided the ability of the capabilities of the capabilities of Deshaun Watson.

“I think Te Shaon Watson is the best in this area,” Clark said. “You sometimes look at Tom-Braddy in the four-dimensional guard website. You really can’t see the difference.”

Breddy avoids the ability of killing and fierce impact is one of the reasons why he still maintains a high level after 40 years.

“He has been playing for about 21 years the ball, so he knows how to not be knocked down,” Chiefs defensive end Tano – Pasa Nuo (Tanoh Kpassagnon) representation. “He moved his shoulders and then slipped from your hands. This is different from Pat; & mdash; Patric is completely different, and Domin; & mdash; but Tom is truly in the four-point guard website very skilled. so the real important thing is to protect the quarterback network break, let him nowhere to go. “

Tactical design and the reading before Braddy will also help him avoid the killing. Breddy’s speed is more than most quarter. This season, his average shot speed was 2.57 seconds, and the four-point guard at least 300 times of passing. The outstanding offensive front line of pirates also helps Bakedi arm, so that he needs to be interfered with long-term transmission.

Alex Okafor said that Braddy moved forward in the four-dimensional protection net, in addition to rapid shot, and Most of the four-point guards.

“To knock down his most difficult, he is very fast. In most cases, he knows where you have to pass the ball,” Okafor said.

“Secondly, he will return 8 to 9 yards, as a defensive end, you feel that he will stay in that position, then you rushed 8 to 9 yards, and he took 5 yards forward. This is what he let many players I can’t kill him. So we have to know this, best cheap jerseys remember this, then find ways to respond. “

Over the years, it is clear that Braddy’s best way is to press him, especially from the front, and interfere with his pass. But the chief defensive players know that it is far more difficult to do this in the game.

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