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For Rams signed Broncos cornerback and center BillAccording to ESPN reporter reports, the Los Angeles Rams to be signed Denver Broncos cornerback Kai Feng – Webster (Kayvon Webster) Bill and restricted free agent Ryan – Geluo Yi (Ryan Groy), both of which are provided a two-year contract.

At the beginning of the training camp, Clinton Dixe was also arranged in the starting lineup. But soon he was replaced by Darian Thompson. Clinton Dicks had previously worked with the coach Mike McCarthy in the packwork and cowboy, which was the best in the first season.

In March this year, cowboy signed a $ 3.75 million contract with Clinton Dixe, including $ 1.25 million signature bonus, with a basic salary of $ 1 million. Cutting Clinton Dixe allows Niu Toy to sell $ 1.5 million.

Cowbur initially signed the cause of Clinton Dix, is to see his ability to make a ball translation (career completed 16 copy), but the performance in the training camp did not satisfy their original expectations.

In the past four years, Griffin has played 39 games, and 26 games were first harvested 175 times (105 times alone), 18.5 killing, 2 cyclash and 11 times destroyed. He has been selected twice, and he is an AAC all-in-law or 2016 AAC’s best defensive player.

Manning did not examine the experience of the player, and did not use the formal experience of the analysis of the competition. However, he is still one of the most hot people in the alliance. The decision is in his hand.

The Hawks were signed in the fifth round of Griffin. Griffin had to cut off the whole left hand because of innate disease, but this did not hinder him to continue to chase the dream. Griffin said: “I have been waiting for this phone call, emotional is difficult to make homemade. I seem to breathe, forget how to talk & hellip; & hellip; language is difficult to express my excitement.”

Highlight: 225 pounds pushed 17 (all participating in the outer handlers ranked fifth), longitudinal hops 103 cm (all participating hands rankings third), standing long jump 3.28 m (all participating external pick-up rankings). The third season has obtained 74 balls, 1363 yards, and 20 reaches. Two of them have ranked first in NCAA. At the same time, it won the Fred-Bennekov Award (the Best External Termation Award) in the season. In the past season, Zhong Baler University has cut the 616 yards of the offensive code, and smiles the country. How is this crazy performance? Coleman is definitely one of the answers. In the “xjbd” offensive system of Beller University, Koleman’s talent can be released. Kortan, which is all in each game, Kortan, must be the first person to make the second-line defender and defensive coordinator. He made every corner guard against his corner, Cheap nfl jerseys only the dust of the dust that he was eaten behind him.

Griffin is 183cm high and body weight is 103kg. In the body test, he has achieved 40 yards screwdrivers of 4.38s, ranking first, and completed 20 bursts. The Hawks are expected to make him the same task with the current radar defensive end / external Weight, Bruce Irvin. We can look forward to Griffin’s rushing, perhaps he can also see him in the special group.

Webster visited Los Angeles on Monday, probably will not leave before the agreement. Over the past four seasons, Webster in Denver starting 54 games, hit off the bench, and the SWAT team. His rookie year in 2013, starting two games, when the total harvest 41 tackles and 1 steals, but then his character is A Qibu – Taleb (Aqib Talib) and small – Chris Harris (Chris Harris Jr.) alternative, then there is not too rosy performance.

Geluo Yi last season, played in all 16 games, starting seven, in three years of his career and the bear Bill played a total of 24 games, starting 10 times. Rams offensive line coach Aaron – Ke Luomo (Aaron Kromer) two years ago had Rex – Ryan (Rex Ryan) hands to work, and Geluo Yi also have some contacts.

Review: The last season of Viking’s passing ranking is second, which is also the same for this young guards that have not been further directly reasons. Viking must find another reliable pick-up point other than Steve Frost, so that it is created a more three-dimensional and balanced attack. Fuller has the speed of the best, and the road running is often strange and smart, and even a little giant is the feeling of Little Beckham. Whether it is for the external pickup or the slot, this is a valuable asset.

“I discussed with different people,” Manning said. “But I have never been invited by formal contracts, there is no written invitation. I really have a football, I think they may be in attracting my interest, I asked what the direction of their future is.”

His twin brothers Shaquill Griffin served as angular guards in the Hawks. Saquel said: “Every day I will mention my brothers’ name & hellip; & hellip; they (Haiying uniforms) have also said they have loved my brothers and respect for my family.”

Review: With the loss of Racel-Okun, it has become more unbearable to attack the front line. The Hawn Eagle Uniform Certainly I don’t want to see Russell Wilson, and the hand is chasing hands, and I don’t want to see Wilson falling. It is the first thing to make up the head of the sea eagle and the Hawks will eventually choose the right to transaction, and will only grab better offensive front line. Spriggas ground cover and pass cover have one hand, so it can quickly improve the fighting power of the Hawks to attack the front line.

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