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Celebrity Tong Run Gulier – Serbs Divest 77 years old

Celebrity Tong Runers Celses Dreaming on Wednesday, enjoying 77 years old. He was the most exciting player in the history of Chicago.

David Baker, President David Baker announced the news of Cels. The reasons were not announced.

“All those who love the rugby game will leave one of the most great players in the history of the death of the Chicago Bear Legend player Gaier Serbs,” Baker said in the statement. He embodies all the qualities of team players & mdash; & mdash; quiet, humble and always prepares to praise the teammates. Gair is a unusual person, why are jerseys from china so cheap he overcomes many difficulties in NFL career and cheapnfljerseyscenter us life. “

“& lsquo; Kansas comroom & rsquo; Flying into the National Football League and seized the attention of the United States. Although only 68 games were played in the season due to injuries, because he was present and his character in life, Gaier is a member of the famous celebrity, and he is selected for the first time. “

Serbs has a speed of wind and electricity, and he has the ability to complete long distance advances during each shock. In his unparalleled bear player career, Serbs interprets the nightmare of defensive players. Every time you hold a ball, he can bring huge trouble to your opponent. Serbs can break through the defensive guards in speed, sway over, rush through the defensive front line players, or find the most narrow space to complete the mushroom.

Serbs seven seasons, in the last 2 seasons, only 2 games per year due to injuries. But in just 5 years, Serbs’ rule of rule allows everyone to believe that he will enter the celebrity hall.

Although career is affected by injuries, Serbs completed 991 shots to get 4956 yards 39 times, and the average was 5.0 yards per shock. In the first five seasons, he was selected for a while, and a total of 4 times were selected for 4 times. He is elected as the best new show in 1965, in 1969, is elected as the best Dongshan player in 1969.

Serbs has been selected for the best lineup in the 1960s, the best lineup of the 50th anniversary of NFL, the best lineup of the 75th anniversary and the best lineup of the 100th anniversary.

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