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Detroit male disorder abandoned hand and ankle injury into the injury listRecently, the Detroit Lion puts their abandoned Knam Martin in the list of non-football injuries. It is reported that he was injured in an ankle this month.

Matthews stands 6 feet 5 inches, weighing 220 pounds, he was hailed as one of the best rookie year Canadian Football Association (CFL) in 2012, the year a total of Matthews advancing the ball 81 times 1192 yards and seven times up array. Matthews was born in Los Angeles, the University of time spent in the University of Kentucky, one can be found great potential in him, which is the current lack of Seahawks wide receiver needed. Matthews had participated in the Seahawks training camp, but the team has not signed up before the start of the season. Until last December 6, the Seahawks before the decision to sign, just before the Super Bowl Matthews bit-part player to participate in two games.

This season, Sanchez came 7 times and won four of them. Although the play style becomes more conservative, he still gives the opponent 9 times. How to limit the problem of mistakes is still the head of Sanchez. But in any case, because the Falls are not fixed, the eagle can only choose to continue to believe in Sanchez in the rest of the game.

At present, three players on the list of non-rugby injuries are the cuts of Cyrus Kouandjio, the new show Kouandjio, Tetapol, and the list of football injuries. Players, four players from attack and defensive lines.

Jones discovered the Super Bowl, Chris – Who Matthews that?Seattle Seahawks wide receiver – Chris Matthews (Chris Matthews) will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of this Super Bowl so far, to come forward when Matthews in the team into trouble, the first pick 44 yards to complete the sidewalks goals, helping the team reached the red zone and the Patriots touchdown; then he beat the Patriots cornerback countdown phase is completed in the second quarter touchdowns to tie the game. This are the first ball and Matthews career touchdown. And Matthews’s performance is not over, the second half soon he will once again long-range raid, caught 45 yards long pass to help the team go-ahead score to play a wave flow.

Kelly: Falls also takes more timeDespite the poor performance this week, Mark Sanchez can also participate in the competition next week. Previously, media said that the eagle is considering the immediate enable Nick Foles. Local time Monday, churly churly-Kelly denied this rumor, and he said that Work can not be returned to the team.

Under the limitations of epidemic prevention, the injured players may be difficult to stay in the field and the team in the game, and may even be difficult to enter the team base. But the giant knows that it is very important to let Barkley participate in the team event as much as possible.

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49 people quad saving Galopolo: Breddy issued a message, I wish myself good luckLast weekend, San Francisco 49 people quit Ji-Garoppolo admitted to their front teammates before the super bowl, New England Patriots 4 points Tom Brady “is not a bad idea “.

During the Effective Patriot, Garobo won 2 super bowls, but never appeared in the super bowl. Now, he is the first quarter of 49 people. In the past, he could only watch his teammates in the media day, and now he became an object being interviewed.

Braddy is not the only patriot member recently contacted Galopolo. The latter said that the Patriot coach Bill Belch, and he has also contacted him to congratulate himself. Garobo said this is “a kind of honor.”

This is naturally a good news for Sanchez. In Sunday, Sanchez came out of 2 times, and the final eagle was also lost in Dallas. This field’s failure is a shadow of the eagle shocking the playoffs, the team has fallen into the unfolded desperation. In the game, Sanchez is flat, facing the cowboy is full of aggressive defensive groups. After a few key passes, he also was again questioned again.

“As long as we can let him here, we absolutely hope that he is here,” said Joe Judge, Joe Judge. “He was selected as the captain as the captain. He is an essential part of this team …. He is a very active person, he is a very team-prior person. He is currently in adversity Here, he will work as much as possible. I can have a confidence in confidence. I am very urgent to see him all because I know how actively prepared … However, we must want Sayui is more than the team event as much as possible. According to his schedule, he is a part of this team. He is a part of this team, we want him as possible as possible and us Stay together. “

Giant coach: I hope to run BBCLE as much as possible with the teamUnder the influence of the epidemic, the alliance asked the team to formulate an epidemic prevention provision, including when players and how to enter the team base. However, the New York Giants hope that in any case, the Saquon Barkley, which has been reimbursed. Saquon Barkley is still able to participate in the team event.

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