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Milina’s injury is to serve as a member of the Tenguang team in the battle of Dain Buddha Wanma in Sunday. He immediately jumped out of the two or three steps, poured on the lawn, holding the right leg. This is also the third injury in the 23-year-old horn, this season, before he missed three games because of high ankle tums and four-headed muscles injury.

The jet fleet is currently 1 win and 5 push in the United States of America. Thursday night, they will challenge the new England Patriors team from the partitioned name, facing the decenetic colors of Ryan, and the weak defensive second line, Tom Braddy’s pass should be relatively easy.

Jet angle Wei Ni Nauron tendon season reimbursementThe New York Jet Monday announced that the second grade corner Wendi-Milina is tearing, and is placed in the injury reserve list, the season reimbursed season. And signed Josh Tomas.

The jet team checks into the corner Weish-Thomas is used to Tiemilina. Thomas is a Darlas Denim, in 2011, the fifth round of 2011, which was previously effective for 2 seasons in the Carolina Black Panther team. It is cut off by the Black Panther team this season, and in the last week, it was taken down and put in the listing list.

Jones said this week early: “Our most important thing is actually there is no choice, we will continue to play, let the game tell us what will happen. And make the team to make a correct decision in advance, Luo What needs to do is to prepare for the state of return to the peak. “

Tony Rom What believes that he has recovered to return to the courtDallas Cowbi has not yet been able to include Tony Romo in the health team, because the team needs steel people in the strait Pittsburgh.

The bear’s near-end Glaham responded to criticism: their speed is still very fastChicago Bear signed a decision of Jimmy Graham in a 2-year 16 million US dollars to rapidly incur a lot of criticism. Numerous fans and experts feel unexpricted for this signing of the bear.

At present, Leis’s official weight is 234 pounds, and his body has become a topic of fans in the second half of this season, his body is more huge than this number. There is a rumor that Rayxi’s weight has reached 260 pounds. Next season, Leis will enter the last season of our own rookie contract, he needs to prove its determination through the efforts, and then prove its ability to demonstrate your ability.

Former patriots near Feng Gulodoski and four points WeveredBeijing July 10th Rob Gronkowski has always adhered to its retired life and unwilling to return to New England Patriots. However, it is reported that the front patriarchari is trained for a while.

After the decommissioning in March, Gronoski has denied guessing it possible. Last week, he said that he had lived very happily after retiring and his acknowledgment has been reduced by nearly 18 pounds, and it would drop the 268 pounds last season to 250 pounds.

According to media reports, Monday, in private training in the University of California, Gronoski and Tom Brady conducted a training. Gronoski came to Los Angeles to participate in a charity basketball game and said that he would participate in the ESPN awards ceremony later this week.

Packaging workers hope to run away from 卫 西 重 重 30 pounds Last month, Green Bay packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy, indicating that EDDIE LACY needs to lose weight. Now, the team has established weight-loss standards to Reti.

In the US time Sunday, the Tiger 4 points Wei Qiao – Burro was injured in two Washington players in the third section, and the left leg was injured in the left leg. After the Burro game, I was bidder on the tweet, and I secretly reimbursed myself this year.

Burro’s 34 times in the game completed 22 times, advanced 203 yards, reached once, lost the ball once. Bolo originally had a chance to become cheap nfl jerseys from china history, the first five pass in the top 10 games in the top 10 passes into the 300 yards of quarterfield.

According to NFL official website reporters, the packaging workers hope that Leis can lose at least 30 pounds. The reporter revealed that the team hopes that Rayxi can increase the amount of training during the tour, and the two sides have already exchanged, setting the work that needs to do during the break. The team will also reshape the body with the help of health experts.

Based on subsequent reports, Bernopherica was initially diagnosed as a knee crossed ligament torn, and there may be additional damage. On Monday’s nuclear magnetic resonance imaging shows that the Burrum knees front cross-ligament, the knee sub-ligament tears, and the remaining additional damage.

In view of the fact that Glaham’s performance in recent years and the fact that Glaham’s packaging worker is off, he may hardly believe it. But one degree is the best close-end Glaham of the Alliance, said it was cut off to make him ignite. “This is my first unemployment,” he said. “This makes me motivation.”

When I first face the media after joining the bear team, Glaham insists that she still has the strength to contribute to the team. “My speed is still very fast,” he said. “I still have the ability to complete long-distance offensive advancement.”

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