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The seventh week, the best player of the United States, the United States, announced

In the seventh week, wholesale nfl jerseys the best offensive player, one wearing a 12th jersey, got 6 times in the competition, and one of the best performances that have been taken from the 12th rush.

Indiana Polis Pony Sanzhi Jacoby-Brissett becomes the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the 30-23 defending partition opponent Houston Texas people’s game, he passed the highest 326 yards, 4 times, four-point guards reached 126.7. This victory makes Little Madden on the United States.

Green Bay Packaging Workers Quadruple Saving Become the Best Offensive Player in China. In the 42-24 defending the Auckland raid, he got 6 times. In the case where there is no number one, it takes over to Davante Adams. The packaging workers were 31 times, won 429 yards 5 times, and the quarter-branch of the 88.3, ​​and he also gave a ball for 1 time. This is his best honor in his career.

Arizona Red Titar Tong Deller Jones became the best defensive player in China. In the 27-21 defeat the New York giant, Jones completed 4 kills, once forced the ball, grabbed the ball. He is a player who has obtained this data since the fifth single game since 2000.

Buffalobier Corgent Radarvius-White (Davious White) became the best defensive player of Mei Week. He helped the team 31-21 overcome Miami dolphins. White has achieved 1 copy in the game, forcing the ball forcing the ball once. These two performance help Bill finally get 15 points.

Dallas denim players Brett Maher becomes the Best Technical Group Player of the National United Know. In the team’s 37-10 defending the fee, he hit a shot. That all 4 times of 4-time array of additional shootings and all 3 arbitrage shoots, including a 63-yard shot. Mach became the first player who successfully completed 3 times at least 60 spectators in history.

Jacksonville American Tiger Kicks, Josh Lambo, has become the best special team player in Mei Week. He helped the team to defeat Cincinnati with 27-17. In the competition, all 4 array of echoes and 1-time traveler were added. This season, he hit all 18th eradications, counted last season, wholesale jerseys he has been hitting 20 times, and it is the longest record in the active player.

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