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Nov-Terna resigned from Minnesota Weijing offensive coordinator

At present, the 5th wins and 2 negative rankings of the Native Norv Turner, the name of the head name, the country of the United States, lost its offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Since 1991, the Alliance has served as an offensive coordinator or the coach’s Turner resigned.

Wagner will enter the last year of the rookie contract, his salary is less than $ 1 million. According to the CBS, Wagner is seeking a contract with a average annual salary of approximately $ 10 million. At present, there is no average annual salary of the player to reach this number.

Qi Mer said that when Turner told him on Wednesday morning, he was “very shocked” when he had to resign. Qi Mun also emphasized Turner just told him that he would resign and did not say that he would retire.

The giant did not score more than 20 in the game game, and the sixth consecutive game scored such a low, which did not have passed in Manning 13 years. The impact of bad ball protection and mushroom attack, Manning needs to be responsible for this season. But he did not play the performance of it.

Pat Shurmur will become a temporary offensive coordinator of Viking. Nov’s son Scott Turner will stay in the team’s quarter-saving instructor. Viking, Mike, Mike Zimmer, said Shumo will also bear the tactical command task. He is in the team’s starting quartz Sam-Bradford (SAM Bradford), is the team’s offensive coordinator when San Louis ram and Philadelphia eagle.

“We have always considering each location, but Eli is 36 years old,” Jerry Reese admitted at the press conference. “We have already begun to consider who is the next four-guard, who can succeed. So we will consider this at the course.”

The 4th occupational bowl player is open to the team’s running guards, the Le & lsquo; veon Bell, while the package worker’s corner Weiha Clinton-Dix (Ha Ha Clinton-DIX) rushed in His left foot has completed a hug. At that time, Ponce was lying directly on the court and could not stand up.

Pittsburgh steel man strike Ponce’s ankle is injured

US Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelman’s prestigious season in the Green Bay packaging worker, the first quarter of the steel man’s first mole of Morakice Pouncey left ankle.

Since Qimer became the Tyakan coach, Turner has been staying in Viking, and they help Viking people to cultivate a fierce defensive group and young quadruptions, Teddy Bridgewater, Viking has become a national union.

However, it is more than just hot dogs while eating the Sanchez venue. In the Sunday, the Philadelphia’s Sunday, the Sunday of the New York Jun, the Supreme Safety of the Eagles was also captured by the photographer, and this time he was arrested in the delicious chicken.

Falcon New Stadium completion will be announced recently

Falcon has nearly four months to complete our new stadium. Recently, they will announce whether the completion will be released to determine if the opening day will delay.

The lack of four-point guard in the giant array. For the team management, it sees that there are 7 games in the last season to score more than 30 but this season does not do this obviously let them worry.

However, the contracted structure design of the stadium has brought some trouble. There have been some events to be held.`s statement on its official blog June 30th, a MLS competition will be held, and 2 football competitions in August. In September, there are two university rugby games. At the same time, the Falcon also needs to perform the preseason and regular season.

Eating Sanchez’s scene, life, don’t forget the recommended teammates

Obviously, no one likes the food of the stadium than Mark Sanchez. In 2009, when he was still a New York Jet, he was captured by the photographer to take a photographer while the photographer was captured by the photographer.

The “hot dog door” is a game that happened in the jet team 38 to 0, and this “chicken door” has also happened to the game of the giant team last week. Basically, if the Eagle team will stare at the food Sanchez when continuing to sweep the opponent this season, because he is likely to have a new stadium food recommendation.

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