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Black Leopard Wikikli will absent the game against the Sea EagleThe Carolina Black Panther’s western coast is allowed to travel to Luke Kuechly, but it seems that he can’t do anything except for watching.

This is the second consecutive game of Belle due to absence of brain shock. At the end of November 17th, the fourth quarter of the competition in the New Orleans was encountered. In the past two seasons, he has absent four games due to brain shock.

The proximal edge takes time to grow is not fresh. Shannon Sharpe has completed 7 codes in the rookie season, until the third season broke through 500 yards. Tony Gonzalez has achieved 368 yards in the rookie season.

Stewart’s regression will let the entire season play a good black leopard ground to attack the tiger. They need him to face the front line of the Hawks to defend. The latter restricted the play of Adrian Peterson in the outer card week season.

Giant Xiu Beckham is especially optimistic about the team attackThe New York Giants The first round of Xiu Xiao Del-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) Looking at the giant team, he has been observing after the first day of training camp, he has been observed on the field, and the ball The status quo is extremely optimistic.

Engram is the first round of the first round of the first round since 2002, IRemy Shockey, who was selected Cheap Nfl jerseys from china Jeremy Shockey. His body and ball capabilities can add an offensive weapon to the giant diversified passes.

However, the possibility is not small, and he is currently 6 million US dollars, and the salary capsule space is 88.75 million in 2017. The new coaching group is likely to choose to cut him to take a $ 78.75 million wage-capsule.

Beckham is a rookie in the first round of the giant. The last season giant team is only ranked 28 in the alliance. When Beckham has not been selected, the giant team has changed the offensive coordinator, signed some new starters in the left front, the center and running front. In addition, he has never been to other training camps, see those of Brary Donnell and Daniel Fells, more experienced, more experienced. Therefore, his view is a bit subjective, but it is only a training camp, it can be optimistic.

The chips of 49 people to transaction include 12 signs, 2022 first round signs and three-wheel signs. Dolphins then signed 12, No. 123, 2022 first-round sign to the eagle, in exchange for the first round sign and 156 signs of the other party.

This transaction also confirms that the dolphins will surround the views of the qua tagovailoa. 49 people have the opportunity to choose the four-point guard, but according to the reporter, 49 people did not plan to trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

Leon-McCaki Team is suspected to bid BillBill Runwara Shanen-McKea McCoy has caused a rumored whirlpool, and the product is: “Buffalo is a very special place & hellip; & hellip; thank all things.” Many people guess that McCay is because they are cut by Bill.

Now I am optimistic that Irram may be some time. A lot of near-ended proximal pendants in the high selection cannot be quickly transitioned to the career. The first round of Xiu near the end of Eric – Eric Ebron only completed 25 codes in the rookie season; Vernon Davis completed 20 codes to get 265 yards; Jimmy- Glaham (Jimmy Graham) completed 31 codes to get 356 yards; Jermaine Gresham completed 52 battles to get 471 yards; Rob Gronkowski completed 42 times Get 546 yards.

This process will be very difficult, but the giant believes that Ingram can play an excellent horse. Even if he is not expected in a rookie season, he has talent to change the giant offensive group in the future.

Before Tuesday, Beckham said: “Our team is very potential, even if it is not the best, it is also a top team. We now have a large group of players, great quadrants and their substitute, close-end We and strengthened offensive lines, which should be the best configuration in the alliance. “

Giants are famous: the new show close-end Edge Ram is incredibleBeijing July 19th, the New York Giants, Mark Bavaro, quickly impressed a thoughts of two. He is now also joining the praise of the Xiu Near Evan Engram Evan Engram.

Dolphins’ 3 signs are obtained in the trading of Laremy Tunsil to Texas before. The transaction eventually lets the dolphins to harvest Noah Igbinoghene, Solomon Kindely, Solomon Kindely, s visit, 36, No. 102, and 2022, 2023 First roundabout.

Two years ago, the eagle was ruined with the Attack System of McCay’s offensive style and the Attack system of the church-Kelly. This year, when Anthony Lynnn became a Bill’s new offensive coordinator, his adjustment has also made McCaki to struggle.

49 people to deal with dolphins explore US time, according to ESPN reporters, the dolphins will deal the first round of exploration, and transfers the other party’s first round to the Philadelphia Eagle.

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