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49 people continue to make a lot of outstanding players who have not seen them at low prices, and new management hopes to sign newcomers quickly helped the team to turn over. Heili Wan will compete with Harris’s competition to fight the replacement position behind Carlos Hyde.

Simmons’s label contract is about $ 12.8 million, which is much higher than that of his 2 million US dollars last year. He was selected for the best lineup of the United States of America last year, completed 4 cases (new career, and 15 ruins). After the former member of the banned area, Simons will build a second line with A.j.j. Buoye, Carrim Jackson and Bryce Callahan.

Earlier this week, Grunette has said that if Griffin is still unable to appear, the team’s first hair will be the three quartz satellite – McCoy. The Hongpi Program officially announced the first time on Monday on the local time, but if there is no accident, McCay will lead the red skin to go all over the 8th week.

Recently, a high-speed road big name was erected, and “welcomes Mario Tag to the new home”, of course this brand is also used for season package sales. There is another interesting slogan below: “This duck is going to land!” Yes, because of Oregon Logo is a duck style.

At the beginning of the 2017 season, Heatai will be 31 years old, but he demonstrates yourself in the 30-year-old season to continue its excellent. This is a low risk for 49 people but may bring high returns.

Hai Takaya finally played 16 games for the New Orleans, 133 times, and won the 548 yards 4 times. Heiliwa is a reliable substitute, and he also completed 22 battles to achieve 200 yards and 1 time. This is the best season since 2010 he has played the best season since the Tower of Arizona, and he sees a new job.

Griffin III: The team will not force me to take a hurtRobert Griffin III issued a statement on the local time, saying that he would not venture before the ankle injury is not fully recovered. Griffin said: “I am still in the injury recovery period. I have tried to make progress every day. As the saying goes, the big husband can flexate, I will wait patiently.”

In an interview, Griffin emphasized that Washington’s red skin would not ask himself to barely hurt. Although this week’s opponent is a hot Dallas cowboy. The results of this game will also affect the trend of the red skin, but Griffin and team have reached unanimously debut. Main Coach Jie Gruden also said that only 100% of healthy Griffin can become the first team of the team.

49 people reinforced the depth of running guards in urgent needs, they signed the running 卫 蒂 海塔 (Tim Hightower). Heili is the second place in this week to join 49 people’s running guards. The previous 49 people signed back Du Juan Harris.

The giant snapshots were signed in the list, and Saquon Barkley (but did not have a half-field 4 & amp; inches while choosing to be strong), Xiao Odel Beckham JR.) injured The more returning and won the big contract, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram are also powerful. They also signed a four-year 62 million US dollars with the Nate Solder, and tightened with a two-wheeled sign.

John Elway, General Manager of Wild Hema, said: “We are still committed to completing the length of Justin, which has a high priority. Our ultimate goal has not changed, I hope that Justin has been staying in the wild horse.”

Elays Manning said that the giant problem is not only attacking the front lineBeijing September 19th, in the Sunday, the giants, the giants, Eli Manning, is poor. Some fans may let the offensive front line, but Manning does not think that the mistake is all in OL.

In the third quarter, the bear queue is ready to stand and pack Jarrett Boykin, and the jarrett boykin is quickly kicked to the ball being falling. Fortunately, Boykin can not grab back because of inertia. The ball, the bear’s abandoned kick hand returned to hugged the ball, but because the 4th file was held in this 10 yards, it was forced to carry out the ball switch (Turnover).

Manning said: “The result of the comprehensive impact. Many things have a small mistake, add up is a big problem. Not just off-attack front line, everyone must reflect on themselves. When I was killed, the offensive front line did not protect in place But this is not the reason for the failure of the game. Quiz, running guards, external hands have a responsibility. “

This should be the first time to stop using the foot this season, perhaps the first time in NFL history. Although not believed, Wholesale nfl jerseys did not record the data that was discovered with the foot, so Bojin may not know how long his feet will not be known in his life.

Packaging worker special group with foot blocked opponents to discard kick The Chicago Bear Team has passed a embarrassing night in the Lanbao Stadium on Sunday. Their offensive group did not act, the defensive group gave the opponent Aaron Rodgers to create the NFL record of 6 times, and the special team did not even discard the kick.

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