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Playing the ball Hao Sika believes that the replacement of the Hawks is very interesting

Recently, the Hawks decided to replace your own merits old, the latter, the latter & mdash; & mdash; Stephen; go to Buffalo Bill, Go Buffalo, recently Due to this decision.

“I think they choose the direction is very interesting.” Hao Schika said, “But I don’t want to care too much, my job is playing the game, all things are just a cloud smoke. But & hellip; & hellip; this is really interesting The move. “

Replace him is Blair Walsh, he missed the retrievers of the game in the game in 2016, the game of the sea eagle, so Minotida cut him. Walsh got a chance to prove his opportunity in the Hawks. In addition, Walsh only needs $ 1.1 million, cheap jerseys wholesale jerseys Hardher’s 2016 salary is $ 2.7 million. In 2017, where to find cheap nfl jerseys he will pay 2.6 million in Bill. Dollar.

Of course, the performance of Hardher Scholars is also difficult to perfect. According to the original report, he has lost 11 additional shooting door in the past two years. Last year, the final winning will be killed in last year. It is difficult to guarantee that he will not go down the slope.

“This needs to be adjusted,” Hardh card said, “Some people in the league have struggled, I also expect to be able to move smoothly, things are not the same in the past & hellip; & hellip; 20 yards of additional shootings, but 33 The code needs to be accurate. You need to go to the kick, and the blackener also needs to keep a focus. The biggest difference is that the additional score has changed, and the difficulty has also improved, so you need very much. Don’t have a mistake. “

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