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An ordinary resume of a bachelor’s degree may be in the financial sector. Or becoming a golf ball or a golf salesman, which is also very common in this resume. I think Braddy has now rewritten a new resume: the mediocre ball is more powerful, repairing the park pool, dancing, and making a cold expression.

In addition, according to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, Brown cut off the near-end Darren Felles. Füls last season first battle 11 games, completed 11 batches, pushed 117 yards, reached 3 times.

He is not a joke, in an interview in 2011, Braddy said he felt helpless after the second or third round of the elective, and left home before leaving the home before leaving the small pressure. Because he can’t stand there to come to the results.

Hodch can be said to be one of the inspirational people this season, and the teenage of the training lineup is only spent several months. After the reimbursement of the Ben Roethlisberger season, Mason Rudolph was poor, and Hodgis seized the opportunity. He led the steel man than the tiger, Brown and the red rickets. At present, 118 passes have completed 80 times, advancement of 884 yards, reaching 5 times, being copied 6 times.

The alliance wants to modify the rules discussed at the next anniversary

On Wednesday, the NFL Competition held a short press conference that published 23 rules and 4 internal charters that will be discussed at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix this Sunday, and 23 rules The 18 originates from the team’s proposal.

What you n’t know: Braddy’s personal resume

The four-point guards of the new England patriots released a self-resume on his face on Thursday morning, and after the fifth round, I really need it to Get the facts a little. Role. “

4. The New England Patriots team is very positive in changing rules. They recommend that they will cancel the provisions of the coach challenge the referee in the last two minutes and the entire overtime.

Breddy is at the 2000 NFL Elective Conference, in the sixth round of 199, the patriot was selected, there was a sentence today. “No matter which round you are selected, you are valuable.” Previously, the only player who was finally entered in the sixth round was that the lion team defeated Jack Christiansen, which was the sixth round of 1951.

6. The patriot is not over, he insists on the use of additional points tried in the previous season in the previous season, that is, 1 point transition in 15 yard lines The kick, 2 points transition remains at 2 yards.

7. The Indianapolis ponyt team requested the Alliance to try a new spree rule in the preseason, this proposal hopes that the team will receive a 50-yard free shooting opportunity after completing the 2 points.

5. The Patriot Team also hopes that the broadcast party can provide a position that locks on the side line, the bottom line, and the end area line to provide an angle to the referee in the recruitment. There have been many laps present similar advice.

Hodgs was copied 4 times in the game on Sunday, of which the fourth quarter was copied twice, completely disconnected the hope of the steel man reversed winning, but Tomin did not lose confidence in him.

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