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The bear coach is officially announced by Tuskiski

US Sunday, cheap jerseys for sale the bear coach Matt Nag is officially announced that Michelle Trubisky will be unveiled at the first quarter.

wholesale jerseys online The endometric emphasized that the wholesale nfl jerseys online performance of Tusbuski is better than “Nick foles), the first thing is not the beginning of his capsule.

The inner group said that the pace of Tubski has improved a lot in the pocket, and there is no small progress in passing the ball accuracy and the lead command capacity.

The opponent in the bear team is a lion, Trustersky last season faces two wins in the lions, passing the 511 yards, reaching 6 times, being copied once. However, this is not a factor that affects the first selection.

Tusbuski passed the 3223 yards in the 2018 season, reached 24 times, was copied 12 times, while the squash pushed 421 yards, reached 3 times. Due to the shoulder injury limit last season, Turbuski reached 17 times (League 27), passing the 3138 yard (21st), the passing of the ball attempts 6.1 (League 32).

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