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This 2013 12th shot is currently a disaster, which is mainly because he can’t keep health. The rookie season he was only played in 8 games, and the first start, he often burst with the opponent in these only opportunities.

After regain the ball, Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) a touchdown to help the Seahawks lead. Although the Packers game into overtime, eventually lost the game at 22-28. Bostic said: “I let the team down, the game is very important, I could not do my job I should have focused on the block, let Jordi – Nelson (Jordy Nelson) to catch the ball. he will be able to catch, this game will not end with this result, “talking about the details that catch, Bostic were very low:.” I feel like I touched the ball, but it slipped so out. someone hit me, I could not hold the ball. “

NFL official website reporter Greg Rosenthal pointed out one of the main hidden dangers of second-line defense. Leiji McKenzie, General Manager. Reggie McKenzie, signed San Francisco 49 in San Francisco and Carlos Rogers. The team in the team is still in Charles Woodson, but it is clear that it has been hard. Now Hayden may at least miss the first 6 games in the season.

This future, the first hand of the selected celebrity Hall in the 15th year, the pair of colors will be in the altime of the ram on this Sunday, ending 2018 home games. But Fitzgerar is not sure how to go behind his season.

Hayden accepted surgery due to foot stress fractures in late July, and he was on the PUP list. Before the raid, he hoped that he had to leave the list before the six games before the season (Note: the player who entered the PUP list only after the season in the season, there was qualified to participate in training and competition).

Coach Mike – McCarthy (Mike McCarthy) believe Bostic should not bear all the responsibility, but he also pointed out that the performance of special teams disappointing: “This is not a person’s fault Brandon, in that particular case, the most important is that each person must complete their own work. Unfortunately, in the end we could not do it, the end result illustrates the problem in the access to play in. “

After recent wholesale Nfl jerseys players were diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia, German-McCourty and Jason McCourty, who were treated with New England – McCourty were discussed in an interview. The anxiety of training.

“The bear team certainly opened a generous offer & mdash; & mdash; multiple first round of draft,” said Ladport. “The Sea Eagle has not responded immediately. The team was discussed. Yesterday, they made a decision, especially the 70-year-old coach Pitt-Carrol, did not want to rebuild the team. They decided not to bring Russel – Wilson traded to the bear team. “

Fitzgerald has established a lot of reputation for the gentleman who shows the gentleman in his own place, and the loyalty to this team that often smohes more than less than less. This 35-year-old old will recently set a history: the number of batches completed for the same team. Considering most of the time, the four-point guard for him is John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart, Brian – BRIAN St. Pierre, Max Hall and other famous characters, this record is more difficult. This season, Fitzgelad also needs to help Josh Rosen, and this chick quartz-saving current transformation seems to be less successful.

Labott notes the team is willing to let this second-grade corner guard start on the PUP list because they want him to be healthy and comfortable. This step has also delayed the team for two corner heterogenes, neiko thorpe and T. J. Carrie who left who walked to make a decision, these two have a chance to stay in the team. The raid people believe that they will eventually have a certain bench depth in the corner guard.

Red scitch take over Fitzgelad to avoid retired topics

Beijing December 20th news last year’s Palch record 8-8, Larry Fitzgerald, decided to struggle again. But the record of the rickets is just more deserted.

It is reported that the second-grade four-defense is a big disappearance in the US time on Thursday. In the training of 11 pairs of 11, he threw 5 copied, 35 passes only completed 23 times. According to the observer news, his game time is too long, may cause the game to be killed. The worst thing is that the patriot has lost 3 top corner guards last season this season, so these 5 copy of the cards are very low.

Macquard Brothers: I feel nervous about the training camp for the epidemic.

Like most people, McCadi brothers are trying to understand what the return training camp in the next few months and the opening of the new season will look like.

The second grade of the raid may start the season in the injury list

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople Tuesday According to the in-team news, the Auckland raid personnel DJ Hayden (reserve / physically unable) may not be able to play in the reserves / due to injury (Reserve / Physical Unable) TO Perform, PUP starts a new season. Lobport means that the team will make exact decisions this week.

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