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The results of the draft may affect the neighborhood of the lionLike other first round show in 2014, the Lion’s Near Tight Front Eric Eric Erchong also welcomed whether the rookie contract option was executed.

Last Sunday, Falls 36 passed the 200 yard pass, no harvest, but there were 1 copy, the quarterfielding was only 53, the team lost to San Diego lightning at home. In the past four games, Falls have completed only one pass to Deta, and his password number of passwords this season is first.

Recently, he said that he said that the team’s head of Gus Bradley will stay, and the US time is open on Tuesday, he has said his own ideas, and it also includes the current general manager. The results of the three seasons under the leadership of Gus are only 12 wins and 35 losses. So far this season, the American Tiger is 5 wins and 10 losses.

But the choice of the lion has another factor to consider: They will use the high-selection of draft sign to pick up the close. At the presence of the selection, the general manager of the Lion Bob Quinn said that this year’s rookie is very deep, whether one of them will affect the contract option of Embonal.

Los Angeles Lightning Defensive Direct Papel Joey Bosa has become the best defensive player of Mei Week. In the team 17-16 defeated the Chicago Bear, he dedicated the dominant level. He completed 2 kills, 4 times, causing the number of losses. This is a 2 consecutive game for two consecutive games, making him the first lightning player in 2010.

Osville has been in many teams in recent years. He has become a free agent introduced by the Houston Texas in the name of the Houston Texas. However, he traded to Cleveland Brown quickly by Texas people. Did it ran into a wild horse replenishment quarter. All of this is a thing that happened in a three session.

Osville visited the dolphins on Thursday, and now he will serve as the replacement of Ryan Tannehill. Tannesie was reimbursed in the top ten tape ligament in the knee. Most dolphins fans want to forget Jay Cutler’s day and want Tannezil to return to the first. Now they have to pray that Tannesell can help the team.

In fact, this season’s US Tiger’s offensive performance is excellent, and the four points of Blake Bortles have completed 35 passes, and the outer hand has 2 codes, but the team’s defensive group. Only the League 25th is listed.

Bennet has reached a contract with the team in the 2013 season for 4 years, a contract worth $ 20.4 million. The team that has entered the league 8 seasons did not participate in the team in this year’s break. Next season, he will take 4.9 million basic salary, and there is still 100,000 bonuses.

Osville expressed his eyes in the game of the Indianapolis horses last season, but then in the next week, 11-27 lost in Washington red leather competition again. This is his last time for the wild horse.

Pittsburgh Steelman runs James Conner to become the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the game of 27-14 defeated Miami dolphins, Conneculent ball acquired the highest season of 145 yards in the season. His code is only 1 yard from his own career.

The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announcedIn the eighth week of the Best Player Award, the most striking is inevitably the two brothers. After setting the record of the game with the same week, the two got honors in the same week.

Wednesday, Bennet said in an interview: “I don’t care about this statement. I only want to focus on the team’s effectiveness. If some things happen, I believe I can spend an excellent in other places. The season. “Last season, Bente has conflicted with the Kyle Fuller, and the team has conducted internal punishment. For most teams, the contract will increase the team’s pass attack capabilities, but the high salary is also the factors that these teams have to consider.

San Francisco 49 people defensive Demond Nick – Bosa became the best defensive player of the National United States. During the 51-13 victory of the Carolina Black Panther, Xiaobos became a new show player who won 3 single-game winners since 1982. He is still a single game for the second young player since the official data has become official data. The honor of the eighth week is already his best player for the second time this season.

Green Bay packaging workers running to the Alon, Aaron Jones, became the best offensive players in China. In the 31-24 victory in the Kansas City chief, Jones promoted 226 yards in the offense (67 yards, 159 yards on the ball), set a new career. He has a 67-yard boller in the fourth quarter of the competition for the packageman to lock the victory.

Indiana Polis Pony kicked hands Adam Vinatieri, became the Best Technical Group Player of Mei Week. In the 15-13 defending Denver’s wild horse, he completed three arms shoots, including 51 yards of the neat shot. Vinatiyeri has become the top game of the cheap nfl Jerseys from china history to complete 2 times more than at least 50 yards in the single game and at least 50 yards in the last 1 minute of the game. This is his best honor in his career.

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