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NFL considers the establishment of a quarantine in the playoffs team

With the increasing number of new crown regulations, NFL has been significantly affected in the last two weeks.

Baltimore Crows have been postponed 2 times on the race of Pittsburgh steel, and the crow will lack 10 starters, and Denver Mangma will not appear in all four-point guard when the Saints of New Orleans.

The Alliance is now considering whether to take the most active measures to prevent such situations in the playoffs.

NFL officials are actively discussing 14 or 16 teams in the playoffs to establish “local isolation zone” & mdash; & mdash; isolate all team staff in the hotel unless the round-trip team, otherwise you must leave the hotel, The implementation of severe measures limit can be in contact with players, coaches and team staff.

Given the size of the NFL team lineup and the number of team staff, it is established after establishing a large isolation zone in the remaining competition in the regular season or to establish a large isolation zone like NBA and NHL playoffs. The Sai quarantine is considered a more feasible solution.

At present, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping has not yet made final decisions, and the quarantine solution must also be approved by the player trade union. However, the quarantine program does have a disadvantage.

Since everyone needs to accept new crown virus detection and other epidemic prevention processes, nfl jerseys the quarantine needs to be established for about one week. At the same time, someone will still enter and exit the isolation zone. If there is a diagnosis case in the isolation zone, the possibility of explosing in the isolation zone will also increase & mdash; & mdash; this is the worry of Dr. Allen Sills, the League Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Allen Sills), he is near It has publicly expressed this concern for a few months.

Alliances and players will have recently implemented several measures to reduce new crown. The team is required to close the base on Monday and Tuesday. In the game, there is no player who is about to be replaced or cheap jerseys for sale wearing a helmet being asked to wear a mask. The number of people traveling to the road is also reduced.

NFL is also considering adding the 18th week of regular season. This is not ideal & mdash; & mdash; increasing a week between regular competitions and playoffs, holding a competition due to new crown. If the team that is not expected in the two seasons needs to be held in the event, this game may not be changed to the 18th week. The preliminary plan is if only the team can enter the playoffs, will increase an additional week.

NFL still hopes to hold all 256 regular regulations. Only if there is any unable to hold all the competitions, it is possible to increase the seasons from 14 teams to 16 teams.

But in any case, wholesale nfl jerseys online needs to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic every day.

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