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Rogers defeated 35 passes in the Monday Night Tournament in the team 38-28 successfully obtained 333 yards 5 times. Due to the outstanding play of Rogers, the game is more in a state in which the competition is more than the score. This is the first week of Rogers 13th get the best players in Brett Favre (12 times).

The third week of the United States, the best defensive player: Buffalo Bowe Preston-Brown, this line guards in Bill 41-14 defeated Miami dolphins in the competition, he completed 2 times Critical balls and 7 cockroaches. This second-grade line guards will receive more national concerns this season.

The new Game Pass has now been allowed to use Apple TV, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, plus mobile APP and tablet app, obviously Game Pass has the possibility of replacing television, and currently provide all regular seas with all of these platforms.

Odel – Beckham season is the best catching

Odell Beckham is such a person, which can become a very bright spot. In the competition of the New York Giants, his shocking single-handed game has become the focus of the audience.

The third week of the best defensive players: Arizona Railfar Safety Wei Timan – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu), Matthew Matthew in the 49th game of the San Francisco 47-7. He completed 2 copying balls and 5 times. Matthew Matthew in all federations in the season, three games in the season, have become the opposite offensive group.

Sixth Week, the best defensive players: Miami Dolphin defensive Dragonfly Meton Wake, in the first game of temporary coach – Dan Campbell, Wickwakened other good performance Defensive player. The restored Vik restored after the round week, 5 kills were obtained in the game.

Hopkins is very good in this season. The third-grade foreign-in-one-sector received 89 passes, the most alliance (in 1991, there has been the most in any player since the record), he has more than 11 times in each game in this season. Target, according to this rhythm, he can get 237 passes this season. 237 times! Remember, Hopkins is done when the Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are used as a four-guards.

The sixth week of the Best Technical Group Players: New Orleans Saint-Machael Mauti, he got the award because of the wonderful blocker in the game. This makes it thinks Steve Grien’s blocked in 2006. Mao’s reachaes may change the season of the Saint.

The third week of the Best Technical Group Players: Philadelphia Eagle Balls Backcropers / Run Darren Sproles, this running 89 yards back to the Eagle is the first season of the season The essential. This is the second long abandonment of the eagle. Sprtrols also achieved a shower to reach, becoming the only 15 times of wholesale nfl Jerseys history to achieve more than 15 rushing balls (17 times), 25 times the ball reached (27 times) and 5 times to discard the kick attack Dallast (6 times) players.

Hilton talks about it: not feeling trouble for this

The young outer hand of the Indianapolis Pima T. Y Hilton has gradually grown into the number of the team’s number one. He completed 6 batches in the outer card of Cincinnati, and won 103 yards. For this professional bowl level, whether it is not important to get a decline, but the 3 games appearing in the game must cause him to pay attention.

The third week of the United States, the best offensive player: Cincinnati Mason’s outer takeover AJ Green (AJ Green), Green in the Mammark 28-24 defeat Baltimo crow competition completed 10 codes to get 227 yards and the team’s last 2 times Array. Green can’t be preserved in the game, leading the crow chief John Hubble (John Harbaugh), doubting whether the team can successfully defend him before Green retirement.

The third week of the United States best special team player: Indianapolis small horse abandoned handkerchief Pat McAfee, McGaffe in the team 35-33 defeat Tennessee Titan’s game 5 times abandoned, net code The number reached 250 yards. Perhaps more impressive is that he uses false kick tactics when he faces 4 files in this area, and successfully promotes 18 yards.

Hilton talked about his own deighted problem in an interview: “I have a bit slow, but I can’t take this as an excuse of the hand. At that time, the ball was in my hand, and the Passing of Andrew Luck was very good. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his ball. I made a little impatient on the game. I learned more patience. When the chance comes, I have confidence to complete the ball. “

So many years of competition, so that I’m impressive, too much, and I am afraid it is difficult to finish one by one. I will throw a brick here, and I hope that the vast fans can interact together in the comment area.

My roommate is a steel man fans, and it is similar to my sphere. It is also a Guangzhou people. After the university understanding, get along with a happy, there will be time to look at the ball together. I didn’t have much friend around me. So I said that there were two tickets, asked if I would like to bring anyone, I think it’s good to come, I will talk about it, I will ask him. I don’t want to come together, the answer is of course affirmation.

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