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The playoffs will return to the Lanbao Stadium to challenge Green Bay packaging. The giants in the controversy of this season will be lost. The current package is hot, one of the most popular in the Super Bowl of the Super Bowl, with a wave of 6 consecutive victories. Now that the giant enters the seasons, people seem to begin to advocate the “Seabrass Elays” and “Giant’s Giant”, but in most competitions in the season, the giant giant offensive can complete the transformation or an unknown. At present, it seems that the giant squatting offense is in progress, but the status of Eli is not. In the regular season, Eli was killed 3 times, and now he can truly play the best state after still unstable offensive front line, will determine the final fate of the giant. In terms of defensive, the giant defensive group has used the game to the Dallas Cowboy and Washington Red Leather, but the ability to face the attack strong team, but the packageman who is good at moving and evading, the four-point Wei Alon Rogers may be They have encountered the most difficult to deal with the four-point guard this season, especially in the case where he has many offensive weapons. When the regular season, the giant fails to get killed, and the current Pierll Paul still cannot debut. This season’s second-line defense played outstanding, and facing the packaging tools of the same manifestation, their opposition will become a big point of the game, if the giant second-line defense can successfully limit the packaging worker ball attack, and Si Pageno can successfully put a large enough pressure to Rogers through a flash of four-point guard, then restricting packaging workers are not impossible.

At that time, the red skin was a little bit a little higher, and the ball bounced from Cousins’s hands. The Seattle Hawks’ defensive players have broken through the offensive lines. Cousins ​​is Saving the ball quickly gave the ball to Kelly around, as if I said, “I feel the ball.”

If & mdash; & mdash; and this will be a possibility that it is possible & mdash; & mdash; Gordon can get rid of trouble and contribute to the urgent need to attack the passive ball attack, Brown fans may finally get when watching the team Some fun.

The team’s official website did not clearly point out the current health status of Baked, and said that everything is not unconventional, but if there is no accident, the team will include him in the season in the season, “because of the physical reasons”. ” This also means that Bakelet will be difficult to debut in the event of the team’s new season.

Tiger line Wei Buffet will not debut in the first gameCincinnati Mason Line Wei Vents – Vontaze Burficts last season selection to accept knee surgery advance season reimbursement. From now on, his recovery is not as smooth as expected. According to the reporter, Buffet will participate in the team’s training camp, but he can do how much training project is still unknown.

The main reason for Jones unable to participate in the team playoffs is that he will drop the ball 5 times in the regular season, 11 abandoned attacks and an average of 4.2 yards, only participated in the team defense 14%. Number of files. Jones gave the team’s abandonment kicks in the 14th week of the season, leading to the Baldo Shaow, and he participated in a game. Moreover, Jones became the fans’ outlet. To this end, Jones canceled the travel plan of the original planning season and family, but started to prepare for his 2017 season.

Wholesale nfl Jerseys announced that the Cleveland Brown has been eligible to resume the appearance. Gordon will accept 4 game penalties before recovering the appearance, but he will be allowed to participate in the training camp.

After the event, Corson received an interview with the other side of this story: “This is why I like Kelly, when the ball talled, I wanted to take the ball, I don’t have to be pressed against the defender, the moment. Kelly shouted, I didn’t remember what he said, but I know that “Kirk gave me the ball. “It’s like telling me that the sacrifice of the lamb. I felt that he was in me, so I immediately gave him a ball, and we all know that he will be subject to other players. The impact, this is why I like him, he is the one who wants to win every moment and put itself in front. “

Because due to the deciduous door event patriot 2016 season, Jones is the team’s highest player, but when the team is behind, Jones is in the clothes, because he doesn’t even have the opportunity to participate in other season Facman.

“You don’t want career, but you can say goodbye to the fans and teammates, I can’t ask more,” Masis said after the game. “I am very nervous, because some reasons are more nervous than usual. I guess because of the obvious reason.”

Baked was selected in a professional bowl in the 2013 season, but only 5 times last season. If you want to re-see the game, the fans still need to wait for more time. In this year’s break, Tiger picks the Paul Dawson in the draft, and signing the old A.j. Hawk and Vincent Rey. The team originally hoped that Buffette can be completely rehabilled in July, but in the current situation, the team needs to continue to keep patient.

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