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In accordance with Article 43 “collective bargaining agreement”, a hearing must be held within seven days after the complaint, that is no longer than next Monday, while the appeal must be held to solve the problem within 5 days of the hearing. So the question that is Peterson will return to court on November 22 the answer on Saturday, that is, before 23 Vikings home game against the Green Bay Packers game day.

In terms of defensive. The second-line defensive performance of the packageman is far more than people’s expectations. Since the level of safety, Skingen, Safety, Morgan-Bonte (89.0 season score, ranking third in safety sanctuary), has a significant improvement of the second-line defense of packats. Two two-line defensive rookies visit this web page link year also have a good play. The first round of Xirando is the 11th good pass defecatist in the alliance. Two-round Xiu Lulins, under his defensive, the opposite dividend score is only 59.9. Clinton – Dixe is still the most indispensable player in the second line of packaging, and he is only absent from the 3rd file competition throughout the season. In terms of defensive lines, the line of packages is the weakest position in the entire season. Kray Matthew is a great outer line defender, but it is unqualified as an internal virtue. He struggled in the middle of the road, only 64.0 rating throughout the season, ranked 43nd in all inner air. Mike Neil is a third of the league countdown third. Julieles – Pebus did his best in the branch, but it was just a branch. This season, these people did not have a person’s play. Defensive Directions Mike – Daniels is the best player in the packaging work. He can take the top 10 in the Alliance All 3-4 defensive ends in alliance efficiency and anti-running interception.

Guo Yijia card prospects: package worker @ 红 皮 (defense)Washington Red Skirts all season is one of the best teams in the league. Although Hesh Hehel has only two killing, it has sent 50 quartzworthy compression. He has grown in all 3-4 defensive defensions in the Alliance to score the third high-high rush defensive end. After Chris Buck, after his body, Ranked 10th in 9.1. Ryan-Kailan sent 59 quarter-free pressure in the outer rushing, ranked # 7 of all 3-4 external lines. Under such a good rush, the Red Leather Defensive Group sent 42 kills, 43 quarter-shot hits and 197 times caused four-point guards. In addition to Brazz Britland, the second-line defense of the entire red skin is very mediocre. Dashi-Gude is the worst seat of the league, with an average of 5.9 times, there is a mistake. Will Blackmont and Quaton – Dunbar has been below the average level of alliances in defensive coverage, and Keen Jalet is not good. Bridide 83.5 season score is the highest bridal second line, but his recent performance is very struggling. In the past three weeks, he lost 274 yards and 1 time. The extremely imbalance between the defensive end is the biggest illusion of the red skin defense. Once the package is captured, the consequence is catastrophic.

The key in the process of searching for new coach is to find people who can cultivate a four-dimensional Mi Harcy-Trubisky. According to reports, the bear team is likely to find a coach from an offensive group. They hope to change the destiny by replacing the coach like the Los Angeles ram this season.

The 62-year-old Fox won 14 wins in the 3 seasons of the coaching bear team, each of the courses of each season reached two digits and at the bottom of the country. The bear team never got two more than two games and never wins over half.

Line-owned Rolando – McLene McClain missed the last week of the regular season with Washington red skin, which is the same. Run Demarco – Murrco Murray has improved, and the cold is also almost cured. The team revealed that as a core figure on both ends of the attack, the two will not be in the battle outside the war.

Why even ready to hold a hearing, Das still asking questions league meeting on Tuesday, it? Because based on the answers to these questions, maybe you can quickly draw a clear violation of the fact that its alliance commitment & mdash; & mdash; that is, damage to the right Peterson back on the court as soon as possible. I believe he should soon be able to play, at least you can come out after the hearing results.

Rogers smoking gestures were obvious to suggest Carterler, such a voice was proposed 2 years ago, now getting more obvious, this week, in the interview with Wisconsin ESPN, Rogers explained this action is indeed Carterler. Inspire.

Decryption: What does Rogers doing smoking mean?If you have been watching the Green Bay packaging in the past two seasons, and pay attention to the gesture of the smoking posture of Alon Rogers, you will be curious about what it will be curious. . This gesture is clearly referring to an offensive tactic or a formation change, while Sunday’s game Rogers let you believe that he does this gesture is just to let Jay Cutler.

Perkins is a five-year show in 2016. Since this year’s giant is selected in Saquon Barkley, it is also signed with the old Jonathan Stewart, and his importance to the team has the importance of the team. Drop.

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