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Saints coach: more opportunities to SpilAs the X factors of the new Orure Saint Offensit Group, running guards C. J. Spille (C. J. Spiller) This season did not play an important role in the attack. He did not even gain any opportunities in the two quarters of the Carolina Black Panther. Only running the ball once a game, twice.

Johnson’s contract will cause a $ 24 million impact on the team’s salary cap in 2016. The external connections that have been brought more than a thousand yards have been 30 years old. There have been previously reported that the lions are considered trading, and even reach Johnson to save salary space.

Exposure Feng – Miller is interested in Elvi when the social media issued a photoDenver’s wild horse line Wei Feng-Miller is dissatisfied with the completion of the team, but he is willing to talk to coach – Kubiak, Line Kubiak, Will ( DEMARCUS WARE, retired quarter-point guards and team executive vice president / general manager John Elway, took a group photo together in the White House celebrated the team’s super bowl champion.

Although the knee injury affects the state of Spitle to a certain extent, he should still get more opportunities. The head coach Sean Payton also talked about this question: “I should give him more opportunities, he is now healthy, there is explosive power, he is more than anyone needs to stay on the court.”

However, this internal special refutes the statement of packaging work name I don’t know the degree of injuries. He said in Instagram to tell the team informably, and his injuries worsened as the season. Bennet said the packaging team doctor wants him to take injured. He also stated that he would recommend the post-surgical packaging system after he chose to accept the postoperative packaging.

Last week, Spitle was only played 17 files. Petton added: “Our offensive is less than normal, we need to find ways to increase his touches.” At present, 3 full-buried saints need to find the feeling of winning the winning ball as soon as possible, and change the ball allocation may be a method. .

Cleveland Brand’s player competition is in the initial stageBeijing June 26th, Cleveland, Brand, chose to play the ball from Gunzalez at the draft conference, but the position of the starting position did not determine who is.

Calvin-Johnson is still in the peakThere are media and experts to question, whether the Detroit Lion takes over, Calvin Johnson, is no longer peak, and his injury in the last season has clearly affects the impression of him. For this question, Johnson himself behaves very confident: “There is no doubt that I lack 4 to 5 games last year, but I still take more than 1000 yards. I am sure that I can have something.”

But the team specialist group coach Chris Tabor said: “I have been looking for the best people to win this location, I don’t pay attention to it or have been selected. No matter what you choose or It is possible to perform well, so everything is meaningless for me. “

Labotport said that it is not clear that Bennet is injured & mdash; & mdash; I don’t know if the training camp, during or after it. When he joined the packaging worker in March this year, he is healthy. Packaging work is said that Note did not disclose yourself.

Wild Hema previously provided a contract for a 6-year value of $ 114.5 million, which included $ 39.8 million in the first two years of guarantee income and $ 19 million in the third year. Both sides did not continue to negotiate.

The proximal front of the neutral reflection package is concealing the injuryGreen Bay packaging works with unable to disclose the medical condition as the abandoned proximal front Martruce – this Nettellus Bennett. We now know the details of this layoff.

Although Bente said that he would choose to receive surgery, it seems that he is willing and may have been prepared for the new East England Patriot. He participated in the training after passing the inspection. He is listed as unable to determine if it will play the game for the battle of Dain Buddha Wild Horse.

For packages, Cheap nfl jerseys the problem is whether they will be recovery that they have paid a sign bonus of Bente. As for now, it seems that if the Nette can stay healthy, he will play a certain role in the rest of the season.

After the old Cameron Fleming, the cowboy has always been a need to find another substitute. Before cowboy chooses not to implement Fleming 4 million contract options, he finally joined the New York Giants.

But when I shared a photo on social media, I was disclosed that Miller was intentionally cut Elvi from the photo. Informed people said that Miller is dissatisfied with the way of wild horse negotiations and the disclosure of negotiations.

As the most trusted ball of Stafford, Stafford, whether it is a team, fans or players, I naturally don’t want to lose the teammates such as Johnson. However, in terms of the lions, it is impossible to know the difficulty of dealing with the contractual problem of Johnson and Stafford. The new season, Johnson hopes to grasp the opportunity and prove the contract with such a contract under the premise of maintaining health.

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