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Only the other quadrant in the team array is to choose a new Xiu Kangna-Shaw. The team is so persistent to find an old quarter-saving means that Hoyer may lack the last seventeenth week to the regular season of Baltimo Crow.

When the Hig Peng season, I was bought by Brown and familiar with Brown offensive system. This marks the fourth NFL team & mdash; & mdash; he is also effective for the Emirates of Kansas City, Buffalo, Miami Dolphin.

Cleveland Brown announced that the team has signed this quadrant. In the four-point Weibo-Hoyer, Brian Hoyer is working on the shoulder injury and the other four-point guards, Johnny Manziel, because the leg teasing is determined to have a rendering of the game. Brown I urgently need to add a quarter-saving.

The starting position during the offset period, Cheap jerseys has always been like it is like a Hoyel’s capsule. The Texas people have given the Hoyell’s larger contract in the tour, and he is better than the Male in each competition. He is the safest choice. Just like a plate of tomato, you will know what you will eat when you eat. O’Brien believes that 29-year-old Hoyer can lead the offensive group and do not make mistakes.

Confused Tiger Team, in the first three games in the first three (crows), 17 (Falcon) and 18 (Titan) offensive front line, the war’s defensive frontline passed the shock, although it is struggling, the total alliance countdown first There is only the defensive trunks of Nino – Atkins got a positive score, but the line guards and defending anti-transmission coverage rating Tall League 4th, the starting 3 line guards and 4 defenders in addition to the mid-line security assessment 5 people have 5 people in more than 2 points. Tiger’s rushing and anti-spread coverage played in the game, let us wait and see.

The Patriot Team has many potential players on the team this season, but in addition to Edelman and Gronosky, it is basically failed to form a stable connection with the four-point Guou Braddy, before PFF Three-week data showing that Braddy did not reach a positive score in more than 20 yards, scored only (-0.5), and the team participated in 100 or more passed the ball to achieve the royalties. There are Edelman (1.8), Gronoski (1.9) and Vina (0.5). Whether there will be a secret player in the game to stand up with Braddy as a suspense in the game.

Last Sunday, the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien said he would make a decision when you feel “right”. Obviously he has seen another four-point guards, Ryan Mallett, decided to let Hoyell serve as the first.

[Preface to the event] 10th week night, night match dolphins @ 黑豹The 10th week of the regular season, maybe it will be a game that will look forward from the paper. Miami Dolphins will come to Carolina to challenge the Black Leopard and fulfill their 4 years. However, in terms of the history of the two teams, the dolphins occupy the wind, and the history is only 5 times, and the dolphins have 4 games, but in the face of the strong black panther this season, the dolphins are rude.

The Robinson University is known for its strong opening capacity, and the Auben University is also a defensive front line player who defeated opponents. These tactical arrangements have unintentionally affected his pass protection level, which is no longer dominated after entering the alliance. His weakness is also exposed during the season.

Brian Schottenheimer Brian Schottenheimer is a good value: “You have seen his performance, this is very good, he is making progress. We have made a new show through some young players. The growth takes time, especially for some children, the tactics they have learned in the school is very limited. I still have to say it again, Greg will become a very very excellent player in the alliance. “

The first round of the ram is the first time to complete your career.The first round of Greg Robinson is finally completed in the 49-person competition with San Francisco, and has completed the first time in the career. In the competition, he served as the left front, and Roger Saffold, which was responsible for this location, adjusted to the right, replaced the pilot of the top four games in the pass protection – Joseph Davin Joseph.

In the previous 10-14, the two did not show the performance of each other. Malat debut, seven passes in the two waves, 5 times successful only 23 yards and although it was praised to praise the power of the arm, he did not try to carry out a long-term attack. Hoyell performance is slightly good, 11 passes, 7 times successfully got 52 yards, 2 times were killed. Two people in this competition have not been able to lead the team score.

Miami dolphins last week with 27-24, the Auckland raid, but the quartz Weijie-Carter contributed the most exciting game this season, he passed 311 yards and 3 times. If the old tobacco gun can have such a gods before or after the game, the dolphins will not be discarded by the transaction, and the team will put a lot of star stars to the shelves. One degree deeply traded, the external connection of the trading, Jaweiss – Landri still maintained a wonderful play. He has completed 344 games in 4 seasons in the first four seasons in 56 games. It is the most NFL history. Although and Xiao Audel Beckham went out, the two of the two people have been covered by him. It is a gold that will glow, and the Landri has proved that the strongest takeover should have his position. Although the dolphins are returning to the light last week, it is difficult to win the panther in the face of strength and morale.

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