5 Confirmed Linkedin Lead Gen Techniques

So if your business has a B2B element to it at all – or if you need certain partnerships to take your company to the next level – don’t skip this network. All of its connectivity features and promotional approaches are designed with a goal in mind – to reach and build relationships with the business professionals. 7. It has Showcase Pages you can use to reach different markets and promote different products. 3. It can help your SEO thanks to search engines indexing pages and content on it. These are basically extension pages off a company page. I have seen many people post content about nothing else besides the products they sell or how successful they are. I’ve mentioned time and time before that LinkedIn is the top content distribution channel for B2B marketers. You can link to your site on your content or posts, as I mentioned earlier.

Posting engaging content is how you start talking. 4. Posting Rules are sometimes a mystery. A great Linkedin B2B lead generation strategy can comprise hashtags, tagging people and companies that you are willing to engage, creating long posts with valuable tips, and posting short videos, using emoticons. While LinkedIn can be of use to B2C (business to consumer) companies as well, it’s even better for B2B (business to business) ones. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in January that LinkedIn Marketing Solutions saw its business increase by 50% in the quarter as “advertisers increasingly turn to the platform as the trusted way to reach professionals ready to do business.” LinkedIn saw a 23% year-over-year increase in revenue in what Nadella said was a record quarter for its ad business. Now we know we said organic reach is great on LinkedIn, but that’s for Linkedin Leads existing fans. For example, we’ll be using it to find a list of sites using Albacross and then reach out to that target audience. That wraps it up for my list of the disadvantages and advantages of LinkedIn.

I showed you those ways in my list of the top 7 advantages of LinkedIn. 2. It can help you boost the credibility of your brand in several ways. 5. It can help you recruit new talent. The ease of recruiting new talent on the platform has long been one of the great advantages of LinkedIn. These can make perfect topics for your LinkedIn posts. Now follows a series of simple steps to perfect the key elements on your LinkedIn profile. Think of your LinkedIn profile as an interactive resume on steroids. Upload resumes to Linkedin Leads Lead Gen Forms from Boon using resume parser. Another great way to generate more leads with Sponsored InMail is to use LinkedIn Lead Gen forms instead of your own landing. If you’d rather enroll your LinkedIn leads in an SMS marketing campaign, these workflows will do the trick. Next, you will want to read more about the group, under the About Group section, located on the right-hand side. In fact, more than 30,000 US companies are already using this one of the advantages of LinkedIn. So this is definitely one of the advantages of LinkedIn that B2B companies can’t afford to pass up.

The LinkedIn advantages for B2B are too good to pass up. Or, you just want to retarget blog visitors based on where they are in the sales funnel (information seeking). Displaying recent purchases is a powerful sales lead gen technique. Within Sales Navigator is a feature called PointDrive that gives you a wide range of robust options for tracking engagement with a lead and delivering personalized multimedia content. If they told you that they want a different feature, you can save that lead and quickly find them again after your product adds that feature. This expanded audience data is combined with known targets, so if you want to stick strictly to your exact targeting and not expand it, simply uncheck the box to opt-out. It focuses on their work history too in their pages’ bios/public data. You can easily attach a PDF or image that can serve as a lead magnet or work sample directly on your profile.

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