5 Accessories For Men That Have an Evergreen Style Statement

For any fashion conscious man, accessorising in as important as dressing up. Accessories can be considered as the icing on the cake, which enhances its taste and adds to its value. No ensemble can be complete without apt accessories and the statement holds for both genders. So, read on to learn about 5 accessories for men to boast that evergreen style statement:

• Sunglasses: Buying sunglasses is a matter of personal preference and you can opt for the type, colour, size, and style that meets yours.Whether you like aviators, round, genuine men’s trousers short pants retro, square, brow bar, or wayfarers, you will always be surprised at what is on the offer. Having a stellar pair of sunglasses is a must to keep your eyes safe from the sun, especially during the summer months.

• Leather Wallet: With the advent of technology, a plethora of ways of making payments exist that include but are not limited to swiping credit cards, scanning QR-codes, online payments, and swiping your smartwatches.But you know what, cash is still accepted everywhere and is a better option in case of emergency, and you would still need a snazzy leather wallet to store your credit cards. It is a cool accessory for men which is going to be around for a while, and it is quite smart to invest in a durable one.

• Classic Wristwatch: There is something about that stainless steel watch with those multiple dials that makes your eyes lock on them.Although it is the era of smartwatches, the classic wristwatches are high on the fashion quotient. Another point to keep in mind is that the smartwatch would lose support from its manufacturer in a couple of years and will turn into junk whereas, a traditional watch can go on for decades. The charm of a gold watch that has been passed on through generations is unparalleled.

• Leather Belts: This men's accessory has stood the test of time and has been holding their trousers up for a while now.Although the core functionality of a belt is to hold your branded men’s trousers. Stretchy men’s trousers up it was used to boast additional ornaments by the rich and to carry additional tools by workmen back in the day. It is one of the most essential men's accessories now which can add subtlety or boldness to any casual attire based on the type of buckle.

• Precious Metal Cufflinks: If you are planning to go for a formal event, wearing a made to measure suit is a great start but cufflinks can be the perfect embellishment that will make you stand out.Many might not find it to be a good investment as one will be wearing it quite rarely. Ideally, it is a worthy investment for the men who have an eye for perfection. Also, you might want to opt for gold or sterling silver cufflinks and not the ones that your tailor branded men’s trousers. Stretchy men’s trousers hands out.

A few other honourable mentions are the shoulder bags, ties, scarfs, snoods, and baseball caps.

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