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Pony defensive group is also very good today: Texas people runowed lam Miller 14 times only to advance 33 yards, quarten watson 38 pass 27 The 267 yards pass the ball to Dagu, External hand deandre hopkins, 4 times, 36 yards, 36 yards.

Although he is not the brightest player in Victory in the team, in Seattle Hawks 35-30, the Sea Eagle played Michael Dickson played in the special service group. Excellent, becoming the Best Technical Group Players of the National United Know. He abandoned 4 times, with an average of 50 yards every time, all 4 abandoned kicked into the opponent 20 yards, and kicked out of 63 yards farthest.

After this year, Jameis Winston served as a pirate four-point guard, even if the opponent’s defensive group tend to defend Evans, the team may be more willing to pass toward him. It is very similar to Mosc, and Evans has a body and ball technology to win the competition for the ball. Pirates should try to play these advantages this season.

Torbert said: “They have been handled in the past two or three years. From Newton’s shoulder surgery, two years ago, everyone knows that his shoulders can’t work. But the team does not wait until the race Start surgery. There is no reason, the time point is not suitable. When I was injured in the preseason of the patriot last year, they said that “he said with a high ankle sprain & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; but it has been waiting 12 On the month, wholesale nfl jerseys he made him surgery. He didn’t play the first and second weeks last year. “

As a key person to help Pittsburgh, the key font of Denver wild horses, line guards T. J. Watt (T. J. Watt) became the best defensive player of Mei Week. He won 4 times in the game, 2.5 times and 2 times, resulting in the number of damage to the number of damage and 4 hits. He continued to dedicate a good performance, this is the third time his career has become the best.

This makes people who are arguing this group, which member will become the best in the next time, but Mike Evans, this last year’s selection first round is selected. External handle not only puts the goal in the rookie of alliances last year. “I am trying to become the best player,” he said to the media.

[Event Review] Pony 24-21 Shengde People, ending Texas people 9 consecutive victories
Mei Nan Focus Battle, Pony 24-21 overcome Texas. After this, there were only 3 rounds of competition. The first, Pony and Titan were followed by the same record of 7 wins and 6 wins and 4 wins. The last round of the regular season, Titan will take the horses directly to dialogue.

Collins as a new show in 2015, the first thing that started is right. However, before the start of the denim season, he made him left a sharp penetry. He first sent 14 games in two seasons. Last year, only 3 games were played by toe surgery. The retired of Doug Free, let Dalins move the position of the right trip, this change makes Collins is very happy.

Auckland raids Right cut Menelik Watson is in the preseason of the arms of Arizona. However, after the end of the competition, Watson said that he encountered hered tears: “The loose tendout … I will come back more than the previous one, this is a promise. The main thing is Support the team. “Team coach Jack Del Rio (Jack Del Rio). “This is a big blow to us. This is really unfortunate. He performs well in the training camp.”

For Harrison Butker, Kansas City, Harrison Butker, 3 is also the keyword of the game. In the 23-20 defeat of Los Angeles Lightning, Bartke hit 3 times, and the most critical 58-shot shot he kicked 3 times and all success. The first shot of Butk was quarated by foul. The second shot was not used by the opponent in advance, and he continued to complete the third shoot. In the previous game, he also completed a 58-yard shot and a 30-yard shot. The 30-yard shipment was exhausted at the time of routine time, and dragged the game into the time. This is the fourth time of the Bartke’s career has become the best special service group player.

Another double threat quartz Sanshi-Allen led Buffalobier defeated Miami dolphins with 31-28 and became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In this competition, Allen showed more excellent passage, 35 passes 24 times success, acquisition 417 yards 4 times, pass the success rate of 68%, four-point guards reached 147.0. Bill started with two games. This is also the best for the third time of Allen career.

The pony offensive group came out of the shadow of the shadow of the Jaguchi in the shadow of the Jaguchi, and the 41-point 399 yards in the four-point guards 27 passed. Extracry TY-Hilton 9 times. Pony has a total of 66-speed attack, and the total 436 yards are promoted, and each interface is 6.6 yards.

The third time in the Preskot Career became the best offensive player in China. He led Dallas denim against the Atlantan Falcon with 40-39 big reversal. Prescot has created history in this game and became the first single game for the first single game to get 400 yards and acquired 3 shocked balls. He has achieved 450 yards and 1 time in this game, and the passing ball was copied, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 72%, and the quarterfielding reached 109.4.