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Watt is not a joke, and the attack is really confused. The 13th week of victory in Tennes West Titan team pointed to his pickup proved this fact. At that time, at the offensive gathering, Watt is listening to the arrangement. But because he didn’t know the tactical code said by Fitz Patrick, he went to ask for four-point guard. He asked: “What do I want?” Fitz Patrick replied: “Running the straight line.”

And his performance allows the packaging worker to guide the bear team attack by him. “We want Mitchell to play quad-saving,” Packaging Corner Wendremond-Williams “said.” TRMON WILLIAMS “said. “We know that they have a lot of weapons, we know that they are very dangerous, we know all of this information. But we know if we can let Mi Churce play four-point guard, then we have the opportunity.”

The wild horse is about to appoint the bear defensive coordinator Vik – Van Gio to the team’s new coach
According to NFL NETWORK reporter Ian Rapoport, in the US Time report, according to a number of news, Denver Mangma will appoint the bear team defensive coordinator Vic – Vic Fangio as the team The new coach and provides a contract for the 5th year of 4 years.

This game’s bear team defensive group played excellent, so that the package worker offensive group was only 10 points. Usually if you can make the package only get 10 points, you have a big chance to defeat them. But the bear did not do this.

Like all off-attack groups, the poor performance of the bear team begins with quarterfield. Mitchell Trubisky was enabled by the outside world in the third season. But he did not play such performance in this game.

When he was interviewed by ESPN this week, he said: “When I arrived at the Attack, I didn’t understand what they were saying. I swear to God, I don’t know what the tactical layout is unique, remove my own thing to do. Outside. ”

As far as the current situation is concerned, Ryan will continue to serve as the team coach in this season. But most media still believe that he will inevitably be fired after the season. There is a news that Johnson plans to hire the team’s head coach and managers. Regardless of the future of Ryan, we must also recognize that he is in the 6 years of pressing the jet and makes a small contribution to the team.

In any case, Elvi entrusted the team to Vangio. In the defenders of the latter, 8 ranked 10, 5 in the top five in the entire league, 5 all occurred in this century, all of which were the Chicago Bear and San Francisco 49. Just two years ago, Dan Buddha wild horse is also one of the top defensive defensions. However, after 4 consecutive years, the wild horse defense was only ranked 22nd in 2018, and only 6 wins and 10 negative records were won for three consecutive years.

Although I am joking, I haven’t honest in a sense. Although you can’t find the “peasant” on my business card, I really have the same as many American farmers, the main job is to cultivate plants, and I am addicted to this year, and I often sit up for this restless or anxious. . I am awake (sometimes sleeping in sleep) basically how to make these plants grow into the United States. The plants he say here are not soybeans, what is corn, I am talking about the grass on the Lanbao Stadium.

The most frustrated thing that makes the bears fans is that the problem of troubled Trobeski last season has appeared again in this game. This 25-year-old quarter is too much to show, spend too much time to make decisions, and pass the ball is not accurate enough. Tusbuski has successfully obtained 228 yards in this competition for 26 times, and the twist is only 62.1, and the quarterfire is only 62.1, and he is killed 5 times. He also has at least 3 passes almost have been copied by the packageman.

Watt is completely can’t understand when I arrive at the Texas.
The Houston Trinquarters defensive end J. J. Watt (J. Watt) This season has become a member of the offensive group. He has served as a close-end temporary worker in this season, completing 3 battles and converted to 3 times. This efficiency is also unmanned in the alliance.

For a brief, I am the manuscript of the stadium. This year is the 19th year in the big family in Green Bay packaging. My job is to ensure that the venue can usher in every game with the safest and best state. Indeed, I have never played a ball in the cheap Nfl jerseys game, but this does not affect my self-work proud & mdash; & mdash; for the packaging team to give my own power. And I am not just a farmer’s work, sometimes it is a part-time meteorologist. Is this not a bit unreliable? I will explain it later.

How to determine if a venue is an ideal football court? Mainly see the foot feel. Although this is a very subjective judgment, but a rugby player can tell you that this venue is too soft or too hard, this is the foot feel. And this is what I have to spend the most time considering in this work. In particular, you have to put the mood of nature, come in & mdash; & mdash;, such as the sulking, September, November Frost, December of falling snow, and January cold flow, in these changing situations How to continuously maintain the foot feeling of the venue is very challenging.